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  • Deborah Heath - Love this floor cleaner

    Received this yesterday and used it right away after putting it together fast and easy. It washed our dirty floor with ease and the floor looks great. I bought this for my 75 y.o. mother who has trouble mopping but still wanted to be able to clean the floor. This was the answer. She feels productive and is not tired out or sore when she is done. Great product. I would buy it again.

  • QuincyFarm - Basic but useful book, FOR PC's.

    A helpful intro to QB that is easy to use as a reference, or to read straight through as an introduction. Note, though, if you're on a Mac: The Mac version of QB2012 is a crippled, feature-less step-child of the PC version. Most of the accounting world, including the author, run PCs. You'll read instruction to do something that simply doesn't exist on the Mac product. For the features where there's parity, there's little variance, but there are a number of features (ie, tracking depreciation of capital expenses, like a truck, building, or piece of equipment) that the Mac version simply doesn't do. Too bad for you, should have bought a PC.

  • Jimmy - Jumped timing once, twice, three! Heavy duty it is NOT.

    This is not a heavy duty machine plain and simple. More like a little Ford Ranger dress up like a Ford HD. Same drive train as the Ranger with the HD body on it. Now, I admit I am a novice at sewing, you know just the odds and ends projects and an occasional mend and patches. Here's the deal - The first machine I had for less that 1hr and took it back! Jumped timing simply sewing a fly rod case. And when the 2nd machine jumped timing I took to get it repaired. Hmm, maybe its something I'm doing wrong? A week later I got it back. I was on my second fleece beanie when bam! Jumped timing again. Its fleece for gods sake! OK, I know its through double seams but that's why I wanted Heavy duty!!!!!!!!! Thanks to YouTube I took a lesson in sewing machine repair 101 and learned how to fix it myself. Trust me if you use this machine you better be mechanically inclined and be able to use YouTube cuz its going to jump time I guarantee it. And unless you want to wait a week for the machine to get repaired each time it jumps time you'll need to school up one some sewing machine timing repair 101. Its not a bad machine don't get me wrong for Suzy pillow maker - But as for me NO. I surely believe calling it Heavy duty is very misleading.. well, Misleading may be an understatement - False advertising seem more appropriate.

  • Erika Anderson - I LOVE this stuff

    I LOVE this stuff. I've tried (and failed miserably) to travel with coconut oil. This makes is so easy and convenient. No spills, no mess. It's fantastic.

  • Linmat - Works!

    These work well.. However don't leave it on longer than 20 minutes. It becomes difficult to remove, my teeth were sore after I took the lower one off. My lower teeth don't show when I smile so I use both the upper and lower strip on my top teeth. Lasts twice as long.