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  • eastcoast - Works like a charm, very smoothing

    A standby, nothing else compares to it that I've tried. I have purchased this from Amazon and other retailers. Once you get past the sticker shock at some places, you soon realize it is worth it because it last me forever. The last bottle I bought was huge (like 12 inches high and wide) from Marshall's for $19.99. It has now lasted me two years and it barely has a dent in it. Some background on my hair. I live in a very humid area and if I walk outside... my hair gets really frizzy in the summer. A drop of this (I use it year round) while wet before styling makes my hair do so much better. It smells great and is very smoothing in my hair. LOVE it. It looks super expensive compared to the ounces but since it lasts so long, it's really not any more expensive than anything else. In fact less since it does last so long. If you get it somewhere like Target or CVS, you will be paying full retail. You can find it cheaper -- either on Amazon or elsewhere like that one I found at Marshalls.

  • Karen - Don't get done at dealership

    I went in for an oil change (with a coupon) for $24.99 at my Jeep dealer. As always the service advisor came out to inform me what other services I may need. He said the one that most concerned him was my 3rd brake light was out. He said I may get a ticket. So I said, 'ok, how much?" It would be $186.00. um, what? So I told him I would wait and try to do it on my own. He said it was difficult because it's an entire unit and not just one bulb. I went on my phone to search to see if this was accurate, hoping I could just replace a bulb, but found out I couldn't. I went on to Amazon and found this unit was such high reviews and less than half of what the dealer quoted. I was skeptical, but ordered it. I figured if I couldn't do it, I would just return it, and pay the dealer to install it. The item arrived within the week and it literally took me less than 3 minutes to do. I had the bit to remove the star shaped screws in my inspector gadget suitcase filled with tools that I had received as a gift after my divorce, and it was a piece of cake. I just made sure I looked at what needed to be connected to the new unit before disconnecting the old one (there are no instructions in the box). I like to save money when I can, and this was a great savings. The new unit has a nice snug rubber piece on the underside, which compared to my old one, was really good quality and it's nice and bright.