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  • dairygod - doesn't even open

    It just says unfortunately program has stopped. Can't even review it because I couldn't even open it on my samsung s3

  • Daniel Lovitt - Horrible!!!

    Bought this a while back and my computer started slowing down. Threw the computer in the closet until a day or so ago because I also have a desktop. Had went back to try it out and started removing programs I don't use defrag it etc. did some research on noton 2013 and apparently it's been know to slow the computer down. So I go and remove it and.... Vuala it's running like new. Worst investment of my life. Please people, save your money

  • John F. Doyle - okay for fat calves

    I love Injinji socks. I use them in my Vibram five fingers. I bought these socks for travel and after running races. They are nice, easy to get on, but woefully loose. I bought a pair, discovered that they were too big in the calf, so I downsized. The smaller size was only shorter. The sock barely stays up on my calves. The material is fine, the workmanship is great (like all the other Injinji socks), but they offer no compression for my calves. I am a distance runner, and like the idea of a recovery sock. These socks are far too loose to offer any compression unless you are a person with substantial calves! Since most distance runners are thin, I can't recommend these for skinny people! Sorry!

  • TxBamBam - Good product

    A little fun connecting brackets but fits well and does what this is designed to do. I will say this, If you can afford the full windshield then buy full. While driving rain will still come threw the front space but I knew that going in with this purchase

  • Monica - Made my skin glow

    This product will definitely make your skin glow but it can irritate very sensitive skin and cause breakouts. Test it on a small patch of skin first to see how you react.

  • Mom of 2 - Great shaver for women's facial hair.

    Love this product. I never had facial hair until I had to start taking several medications and it made me feel less of a woman. I saw a model using this shaver and I immediately ordered it. Love this product just wish I had known about it sooner, I recommend it to all women.