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  • Rolo - its not a cure to fungal infections

    this really worked for me, did what it says it would do. before i used kerasal nail fungal renewal, i am applying fungi cure that kills 6 types of fungus i used it for about 30 days before i applyed kasasal nail. The FUNGI CURE takes time to before you can see any resalts. years of infection will take time but my nails still had that yellow brown look, kerasal nail removed that yellow and brown look to looking white and normal. It also softened the nail that will help FUNGI CURE. i use kerasal nail every night after a shower to softened the nail. In the morning i shower and apply fungi cure to kill the fungal infection. this seems to work for me. seen big changes in a few days. my nails are startinf to look better and better nail every day.

  • curtis yurcaba - Only get Alpha

    Beware !!! You can't play games other then steamOs games , therefore any new big titles Can't be played. unless u get the alpha , which comes with windows .

  • Teebox - Product did not work for me.

    I tried this product per the instructions and it did not work. I failed the test (thankfully it was my own pretest). Perhaps my usage level was too high.

  • M. Jackson - Love the size and the extra cups

    Haven't really used this product yet, but am anticipating that it will work very well for what we will mainly be using it for, which is smoothies.Love the size and the extra cups. Fits on my counter nicely.

  • KatieEm - Not perfect but the most important functionality is there

    I felt like I was taking a chance when I bought this product because the description didn't answer my questions, nor did any of the 'I got this item for free' reviews, which were all that were available at the time I made my purchase. I consider that unideal, but I wasn't about to shell out an extra hundred and something bucks for another version of the same idea; and while I don't normally take the time to write a review, it means you get to read my version of what I wanted to know when I was deciding which sunrise alarm to purchase.

  • M. Rose - So useful!

    I have been loving this Shea butter!! I have not had any experiences with Shea Butter before so, as I always tend to do, I turned to the good old internet. I knew Shea butter was good in whipped body butters, but I hadn't realized just how wonderful this product truly was until now! The Buena Shea comes in a 8 oz (240ml) jar. The texture is a tad grainy and it smells a little earthy, but upon research this is what you want when looking for a raw , unrefined, premium Shea butter. On the bottom of the tub is the expiration date. I have already been using this daily and it honestly doesn't even look like I have used any since such a small amount is need for application. I wash my hands A LOT and around this time I start getting cracks in my thumbs near my nails and it is so painful. I have been using a little shea butter to moisturize my hands and they are so soft since using it. I can already tell this is going to be my best friend during winter:) I also have been applying this to my heels at night and I can tell a difference there as well. There are so many other uses that the Shea Butter works well for and I look forward to doing more products with the Shea butter. I would recommend it.

  • Nick Ricci - How can you go wrong with Sorry??...you CANT!!

    This game was purchased for my middle-school students. Their ages range from 10-17 and they all love it! It is also great for adults as like me, you probably played this as a kid! Great for kids, great for families, pretty much great for everyone! You can NOT go wrong with Sorry!