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CSGOSTRONG: Free CS GO Skins - Lowlight of the Year: Gaming Paradise After the disaster that was ESWC Montreal 2015, the community at large had come to the conclusion that Montreal would end up being the worst tournament of the year. As possibly the worst tournament ever held in history, Gaming Paradises issues ran from not having any computers present at the event to the police being called in to hold the players passports due to missing hotel payments.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Munchee - Mistake to order HR Block from Amazon...missing the Activation Code

    The HR Block software is great. However, ordering it from Amazon was a huge mistake. I was never sent the activation code to file my taxes electronically. Cost me an additional $10. Thanks to a bad deal between HR Block and Amazon, you get no activation code and are ripped off for an additional $10, Do not order HR Block from Amazon, order it direct from HR Block or go old school and but the CD.

  • tomerac - Nicely done.

    What a year - this DVD captures it well. I have to admit, though, I forgot I had it. It's not the kind of thing I will view over and over.

  • Elizabeth - Best product on the market.

    Non-greasy and useful all year round. Ran out and tried another product. Nothing compares so I quickly ordered more. I love, love this face product.

  • David Supplee - Great product - and wonderful seller!

    This was just what we ordered, and they fit perfectly. They were shipped in their original flat, pizza style box and arrived perfect with no problems. Provides great protection to my new car's carpeting from trips to the beach.

  • daniela estrada - At the beginning I notice the lost of appetite and ...

    At the beginning I notice the lost of appetite and a lot of energy. I drink it with my smoothie every day. I been taking it over 60 days but I notice I still drink 3 more regular coffee throughout the day. I use to have 12 cups. I guess its good

  • 7th day Sabbath - 2012 Diamondback Overdrive Comp

    First off was looking for a full suspension 29er. Tested the Trek Rumblefish and Superfly 100 and then the top dog on my list, the Santa Cruz Tall boy. I still intend on purchasing the Tallboy but at $3,000 I'll need to save for that. Plus I need a bike for my wife. So I either get one for myself or buy a cheaper 29er and get her one. Enter the Diamondback Overdrive Comp 2012 version. I found mine for a steal of a deal still in the box at $489! I was told to look longer and purchase a Cannondale, Specialized, or Trek. Well I looked at these and for the price of the Comp these other big companies couldn't compete with what Diamondback has on the their bikes in the hardtail 29er version. Components are good, but not the best but I'd say better than average. The saddle is a bit hard and I will probably replace this. The bike on the trail handles exceptionally well. Again all I have to compare this too was the full suspension 29ers I was spending much time on. The last one being the the Tallboy by Santa Cruz, an expensive boutique bike that is rated as one of the best. In comparison to the FS bikes I was pleasantly surprised by the Comp. This bike can climb! In rock gardens, turns, or anything this bike can handle it. I've shown it to may people and they are really surprised at the weight of the bike. It's lighter than I expected. I thought it was going to be very heavy but it's actually very manageable. Of course its not as light as the Santa Cruz or the Superfly 100 but seemed about a light as the Trek rumblefish. I do like Schimano components and SRAm for me is taking some getting used to but thats a small thing. It shifts very well and accurately. Most of the other big companies have a 29er in a hard tail, but like I said they don't offer what DB does for the price, and as I tested their bikes the DB Comp 29er performs better than their 29er hardtails! I think sometimes you are paying for the name on these other 29er hard tails.

  • Naut - Buy it if you want a great battery pack

    This is a great battery pack the only problem is the leds are not super bright but useful for finding my phone in the dark