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  • Amazon Customer - I felt stupid this was my first time doing smth so stupid ...

    Do not spend a penny. Never worked I followed the instructions and lost 2 lbs for two days without eating . Drinking any other juice you will lose those. I felt stupid this was my first time doing smth so stupid spending money for a ridiculous pineapple juice that does not do any miracle zero star.

  • Patricia A. - Let me just say that I have been really disappointed with this car seat

    Ugh, highly overrated. We have a Maxi Cosi Pria for our toddler but because that seat is quite wide, I was looking for a narrower car seat to compensate the width of the Pria, so that we can have access to the third row when we have family over, or sit 3 across in the future.

  • azcutie - Did not work for my yeast problem

    I tried this diet for four months after being on another anti-candida diet for eight months. I was hopeful that it would cure my problem, but my yeast problem was no better than when I started. I have since started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle explains the science of digestion and how you can healt your digestion through proper diet. The probiotic foods and other vegetables (including the sea vegetables) suggested in the Body Ecology Diet are too advanced if you are having digestive and yeast overgrowth issues. If you cannot fully digest these advanced foods because your digestion is damaged, these more advanced foods only fuel the yeast overgrowth problem.

  • garbo - libman wonder mop

    I love this mop. After you mops the floors you can wash it and it looks like new I have had this mop for awhile so I don't know how long the mop will last but so far it has lasted a long long time I haven't even needed to use the refill I brought. so I am good for a while with this mop I would recommended this mop greatlhy.

  • Mrz. B - ... started to itch and i would see red bumps like hives appearing on my hands mostly

    I took these softgel for a month or so and while taking them i realize i started to itch and i would see red bumps like hives appearing on my hands mostly.. It also seem to make my sink break out more than help it so i discontinued drinking it and i was fine after that.

  • Amazon Customer - Ehhhh

    Okay so the shoes are very comfy. But the design doesn't look like the real one. The strip that comes down the center of shoe isn't there. It's off centered on one of the shoes. There is multiple strips that come down the side of the shoe that arnt suppose to be their. Not a a good quality fake. Spend the 10$ more and go with Yeezyland

  • David - Almost perfect

    By far the easiest screen protector I have ever installed and I wish that I would have taken a video of the installation. After following the instructions exactly I was amazed. As soon as you place the screen protector on the Shield it actually adheres itself without any intervention with just a couple caveats. The spot under the suction cup will need to be pressed out since the suction cup keeps that spot of the protector off of the surface while installing it. No big deal! The only annoyance is that the spot where the pull-off tab is located on the protector absolutely refuses to adhere to the screen but it is way outside of the viewing area of the screen and shouldn't be an issue unless it keeps pealing back in the future.