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Country:, North America, US

City: -74.1741 New Jersey, United States

  • Alba Reyes - I didn't like it at all

    I didn't like it at all!! I don't see any results and it's so expensive just for that!! I thought it came with the whole treatment . I don't recommend it !!

  • Amazon Customer - Great supplement

    I ordered mine from an idependant distributor. First off I like how my body felt after two weeks of using the greens. I found the colder the water or juice the better, plus mixing or shaking it really well helped desolve the greens and made it easier to drink. (I personally do not like it mixed with water, but we are all different)

  • Debbra - My Results - 44 year old woman

    I bought this product at the beginning of 2013, used it for almost a year along with Womans Rogaine and did not see immediate results. My hair was falling out from stress with noticeable thinness. In 2014 I started using EquiTrek (horse shampoo) and saw that my hair was thicker and stronger and I was losing less hair. This was the thickest my hair has ever been. I gave all credit to the EquiTrek and stopped using the Natural Hair Growth and Womans Rogaine. After not using them for about 3 months, I am noticing that my hair is falling out in clumps again so I am back on this band wagon and will use these 3 products forever if not for the thickness but for decreasing my shedding. I am a believer. Gals get all three of these products and see what you think. EquiTrek is made by the same manufacturer of Ovation Cell Therapy but it is a stronger dosage so it seems to work faster. Not an expert just my opinion.

  • Alana Marie - Fantastic

    I will never go a day without taking this! I get frequent UTI's and they are a nightmare. I had gotten two a few years ago and for awhile I didn't get any more. This past year since March I've been getting a UTI once a month. I looked up something to ease the pain and I found AZO at my local Target. When summer came I'd get at least two infections a month. Once I had gotten rid of one I'd get another. I became tired of going to the doctor for antibiotics so I would regularly use the AZO pain relief. Two months ago I tried the Nature's Bounty Cranberry pills and it didn't seem to help. I made sure I finished the jar first. When I was running low on those I found this and because of the other product by them I figured I'd try it. I've only been taking them two weeks but I haven't had any infections in three weeks now. Pretty good for someone who was getting two a month. I will continue to use it and when I'm running low I'm going to buy the three pack!

  • John F. Macdonald - Now simpler to understand and use

    These changes to model are most welcome. The simplification of approach will make it easier to use and perhaps those parties put off by the older versions .... will come back.