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  • K. Brown - NOT the same stuff I grew up on! Do NOT buy!!!

    I'm so disappointed! I thought I was getting the original first aid oinment but it says it's a skin protectant with spf4 sunscreen. If you're looking for the original Sayman Salve that was manufactured by Goody's in Winston Salem, this is NOT IT! I think Lee Pharm bought it and now Sheffield. I don't understand why they changed the ingredients but they removed the camphor.

  • Certified Amazon Reviewer - Perfect for those "scared" of finishing the bottle

    This thing rocks! It pulls out all of the air and creates a very strong vacuum using a rubber nipple of sorts to keep it sealed. I already have one, and am ordering a second one for my neighbor, basically as an apology for hitting on her last night. Wait a minute, shouldn't she be getting me something for rejecting me???

  • Stitches - Doesn't cause me to break out, amazing !

    I'm a 50+ y.o. nurse and tend to be skeptical about over the counter anti-aging skin products. On occasion when I've given in to my vanity and bought one, I usually have to discontinue it because they give me pimples. The last one I used from Sephora's Philosophy, Help Me, didn't break me out, but didn't seem to "help" either.

  • P. Madeo - Like this !!

    MUCH quieter than the one it replaced. So quiet that when I thought it was finished it wasn't. Small hole in a fingernail and slightly sprained wrist from jerking my hand away. Lecture from hubby, don't need another but do be careful.

  • Henson - I was sceptical even after reading the great reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised

    I was sceptical even after reading the great reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised. I knew it would be tall enough to block for my 3 yr old, but it keeps the wind off even my tallest buddies!

  • Wendy Radick - A Product That Actually Does What it Says

    I am 50 and have tried many products for wrinkles and skin texture improvement. I like retinol because it actually does help over time, but have been a little disappointed with results in past with different products. I have to say I noticed an improvement immediately with this product and after a week my skin looked brighter, clearer, just better. I noticed fine lines were less visible. This is in just a week! I really like this product a lot.