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  • C. J. Allen - Excellent Project for Floors

    I have success with Rejuvenate floor refresher. Easy to spray on and mop and shine. My problem was that the bottle top had come off in delivery and half of the contents were already gone when the box was delivered to my house.

  • C. Hansen - Great vacuum!!

    I have had this for over a year and still love it. It easily transitions from carpet to bare floors. I have two little ones and a dog and a cat so I do a lot of vacuuming. I have not had any problems with losing suction. I don't have any carpet just lots of rugs on hard wood floors. It really does a great job.

  • Dineroo - YEA!!!!!

    I've suffered my whole life with soft, weak fingernails. I have been taking two of these pills a day and it took about a two weeks and I noticed an extreme difference. Thank you to this company for coming up with this formula!

  • Aleks - Great gaming device, and an excellent value.

    This is a worthy upgrade from the excellent XBox 360. From a hardware perspective is very solid, but not revolutionary, but the OS and the games make a great experience. Sure, not all features are enabled, and there are some quirks, but we all know that these will be ironed out in time. Also, it's worth mentioning that the graphical gap between this and the 360 is less pronounced than between the 360 and the first XBox. I also own two Xbox 360's, a Playstation 3, a Playstation 4, and very powerful gaming PC (NVidia 780 GTX, etc.). Overall, I would give the PS4 4 stars because of how little it does beyond games, but in time, I believe they will even out. To the average consumer, this is an excellent gaming device at a great price. For comparison, I paid $650 for the graphics card alone in my PC, and and about $4,000 overall. My PC plays any current games at maximum settings, but overall is only marginally better than the XBox One.

  • Lori K. Christiansen - The very best product for thinning hair

    I have tried many products to hide my thinning hair. Some were spay some were powder. I have had some of the powder products itch and flake about my forehead and nose even after sealing with hairspray. Spray in is a nightmare!! it leaves splatter marks, fall out and my pillow in the morning looks like I was in a fight with a cat. It also runs badly in the rain.... Now Caboki....beyond perfection. No flaking, No over-spray and clean morning pillow!! Love it...Looks totally natural. Would highly recommend to anyone...even in the rain.

  • E. Joseph Anna - Good News for this Bible

    Who can say anything bad about the Bible? It has a modern easy to understand text and lots of foot notes. Easy to move around, mark passages and bookmarks. I would highly recommend it for private reading or as part of a Bible study.

  • MichaelAngelo1475 - I have a Panasonic CX700 UHD TV combined with a GTX 960 GPU ( HDMI 2 output) and when connected using this cable both the 6 feet

    I can confirm that this is the ONLY HDMI Hight Speed cable that works with 4K resolution at 60Hz with full 4:4:4 chroma. I have a Panasonic CX700 UHD TV combined with a GTX 960 GPU ( HDMI 2 output) and when connected using this cable both the 6 feet and 10 feet AMAZON HDMI cable works like a charm.