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  • RobbyQ - WOW!!!

    This cable helped me save thousands of dollars on my car insurance! With the savings I'm going to Disney Land!

  • banana fan - now i might be gay

    i used one of these pens by mistake, thinking i was reaching for my "BIC Xtreme Pagemaster 9000". i was only going to write a quick note to the wife and leave it on the fridge but what followed was the most sensitive, heartfelt letter to my dead gerbil (whom i hadn't thought of in thirty years) that i could have imagined. unending torrents of emotion poured out of me, and when it stopped i was in a ball on the kitchen floor, crying my eyes out. there's no way a man should be allowed around these pens. we're just not wired to withstand all those...feelings.

  • nursetroll - Crockett and Tubbs

    Oh how I miss the Miami Vice days.Pretty handsome men soo masculine what a perfect song for the scene of the fast cigar boat gliding across the water. Cool baby.

  • Britt - Too drying, matted my hair!

    I bought this directly from a beauty supply (my parents are hairdressers) because I used to have insane thick hair, but suddenly it's been thinning and coming out in wads. I've stopped coloring it, styling it, and blowdrying it and taking suppliments in order to help, but nothing seems to be working. I initially I thought it was bleach damage but upon counting shedding hairs overtime I wash I noticed all my hair fall is mainly from my roots. Not breakage. Anyways, thought this shampoo would be a good option, well, I was wrong! First time I used the shampoo and conditioner I couldn't even get a comb through my hair, it literally matted my hair together. I had to get BACK in the shower and put some heavy duty conditioner on it, that still barely made me able to get a comb through it. So I started using just the shampoo and my regular ultra moisturizing conditioner- still tangly, matted, dry, pulling hair trying to comb it out... but I kept at it. A few weeks later my mom told my hair looked dry, dull, frizzy, and horrible. It was true. This shampoo made my hair like hay- which did give my hair more of a thicker look, but only because it was so dry and that's not the kind of volume I was looking for. It didn't help my hair shedding, in fact it may have made it worse because combing my hair was a nightmare and probably pulled more hair out of my head. I couldn't use it long enough to see if it gave me the results of less hair shedding. It's just way too drying. I'd say if you already have dry hair that is very tangly anyways, this probably won't be the best option as it's not moisturizing in the least. I'm sure it works for some, everyone's hair loss is for different reasons as everyone's hair type is different but from my experience it was pretty awful.

  • vbalprownb - Great gift!

    Got this as a gift for my brother as he is always using flashlights but he hasn't stepped up into the area of high quality LEDs yet. I've been trying to convince him for a couple of years to go with a high quality light, but he hasn't because the prices can go way up, ie. with O-light, Fenix, Nitecore, etc. So I saw quite a few reviews on this one on YouTube and decided to get it for him. The price for what you get is amazing. He's had it five months and he keeps telling me how great the light is and how happy he is with it.

  • HeatherJ - Do not buy this

    I have worked with Publisher 2007 and Microsoft Office products for years and have always been satisfied with the product. I downloaded this when we bought a new computer. There has never been (I mean NEVER) a time that while I was working on my weekly project that the software hasn't crashed. It stops working and if I don't remember to save every time I've made a change, the information is lost. I have searched their help information and even posted the problems on their blog, to no avail.