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  • Asian Superman - nice walking stick

    Very nice trekking stick, this is pretty sturdy and the design is pretty good. It's very very light so it felt like carrying nothing. It's compact and retractable so you don't have to walk with it the whole time. I have received this at a discount or free for my honest review.

  • Meckintosh - Not good, so far..

    I had the head gaskets on a Subaru Forester 2002 replaced a long time ago, about 25,000 miles, and they developed an exhaust leak into the coolant again. It was a very slow leak.

  • Jiayao Kong - still working on it

    I'v been use this for a while for my stretch makrs. I apply it twice a day, and I use a LOT, like half bottle(6.7 oz) about 15 days, and massage it into skin about 10 minutes. I'm pretty happy with the result. My stretch makrs are lighter, and the skin is much firmer. I'v tried a lot different stuff and this is the only one worked. I will keep using this to see how far I could go with it.

  • M. Chavez - Best $300 Chromebook on the market.

    Chrome OS - I love the Chrome OS, but the only issue is printing. To print from it you need a cloud ready printer or sync up to a computer connected to a printer via the google cloud print settings.