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  • dimples39581 - Amazing

    Amazing, review I recommend to use as a study tool and love the online companion review as well. Love love love it

  • TwoGrits - Cool sleep. Supportive for side sleepers. Would buy again.

    I didn't know I could buy a FloBeds mattress on Amazon. I bought directly from the company after finding them on SleepLikeTheDead website with high customer service ratings. Latex was first recommended to me by a mattress salesman at Sears who didn't sell latex mattresses, but said his back problems were over after buying a latex mattress online. It took a little over a week to get the mattresses delivered to my door by UPS in boxes weighing around 40 pounds each. There are no odors more than a "clean" latex smell that is not noticeable once the cores are encased in the organic wool cover that zips on top. At first I didn't order the vZone, but I was sleeping so soundly on the mattress that I didn't wake up to turn over at night and started to feel numbness between my shoulder blades. I ordered the vZone for the top layer which allowed me to put a soft layer under my shoulders and upper back, which took care of the shoulder discomfort. This mattress can be customized to different levels of support on either side. As my husband is 100 pounds heavier, he has Super Firm on bottom, X Firm in the middle with a Medium on top. I have XF on bottom, with Firm in the middle with a vZone Medium on top. If you call Flobeds directly you can customize this mattress at no extra cost. They were very responsive to my returns and exchanges until I got the right fit and gave me a full refund when I decide to use my old low profile box springs instead of keeping the pine slat foundation I bought from them. I think a little flexibility on the base is a good thing. They offer a Euro Slat foundation that lets the latex "breathe" but I feel that my 5" high low profile box springs worked as well. I am sleeping so much better on the latex than on the regular mattress I bought from OMF recommended by Consumer Reports. I had to get rid of that mattress after a year due to both my husband and I feeling we needed more back support. I highly recommend FloBeds as a company, and latex in general. I think the customizing features of the FloBeds design is unique. I waited six months to write this review to see if I still liked the mattress. The latex settled a half an inch or so, but it settled evenly. There is a slight rise down the middle of the king size, but no sagging on either side, if that makes sense. We would purchase again from the same company. The down side is that you have to get rid of your old mattress on your own.

  • Geo. - Great entertainment

    I just loved hearing my kids playing with each other in this video game. They would play together for hours and have a great time!

  • Zach - Works just as great as more expensive cups from other brands

    Works just as great as more expensive cups from other brands. Keeps my drinks cold and ice solid for 12+ hours easily.

  • Gadget - FIFA World Cup 2010 - All over again.

    I am a big World Cup fan. The thrill of your country or any other country I'm rooting for, seeing them play is just awesome.

  • J. J. - Great product! Really works.

    I started using these strips on recommendation of my dentist after a cleaning. They are easy to put on and stay in place very well compared to the early versions of the crest white strips which slid around easy. You only have to do it once a day too!

  • David Kelly - Works a large majority of the time!

    This product is great! It does work a large majority of the time! I pre-cum a lot after taking it and the loads are huge