AgileBuyer | Conseil Achat & Equipiers Achat - AgileBuyer est une société de Conseil achat qui propose 3 services : équipiers Achat, Conseil Stratégique Achat et Coaching Achat, dans les Achats de Production, Hors Production et Investissements. We provide Purchase team mates, strategic consulting in purchasing, coaching in production, off production and investments purchases.

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  • Chuck - Cramp free relief!

    If you suffer from cramps, you need this! It really works! I started getting leg cramps in the middle of the night from hiking. This product has stopped them completely. I take a heaping teaspoon mixed with maybe 2 tablespoons of hot water,(this stuff fizzes rapidly, kind of like alka seltzer), and mix it with about 12 ounces of Clammato juice, or V8 every evening with my meal. By itself it tastes much like alka seltzer. But it mixes well with other fluids that overpower the taste. Anyway you take it, those cramps will be history.

  • Bossy Boots - Save your money AVOID the 2.0!!!

    I have owned two previous Keurigs and was very happy with them. Granted the cup of coffee you get is expensive but it is convenient especially if you are making just one cup. I gave my old (but wonderful!) Keurig to a friend since my husband had seen the carafe option of the 2.0 and wanted to upgrade. Normally I read reviews before purchasing but I had already owned two of the machines so it never occurred to me to read a review...I mean the machine only makes coffee, what could go wrong? I bought one at a big box store and had been using it about a week...long enough to have gotten rid of the box when I happen to put in a pod that had not come with the new machine and discovered Keurig is trying to kill off all competition by making the 2.0 unable to brew Kcups from non Keurig brands but it also cannot brew old Keurig kcups. If you purchase by the case as I do, you can be out the price of a new Keurig in kcups you cannot use. To add insult to injury, you cannot even use the Keurig brand re-usable kcups so that if you have a special blend of coffee you like you are out of luck.