°HOTEL ALCANTARA CACERES 3* (Spain) - from £ 49 | HOTELMIX - Alcantara - Alcantara Hotel is set in an entertainment area of Caceres next to San Juan Church, Santa María Church-Procathedral and Plaza Mayor Caceres. The building was renovated in 2010.

Country:, North America, US

City: -77.3827 Virginia, United States

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    My niece loves the LeapPad Ultra XDi from LeapFrog. She was 4 when I bought this for her and it has helped her learn so much. I love the fact that LeapFrog has designed these games to reward the child for when they get a correct answer. She has to learn and remember the stuff to get to the game part. She is learning and having load of fun at the same time. She calls the LeapPad her "tablet". I love that this is educational instead of giving them a traditional tablet that can be mind numbing.

  • Nightwatcher - Life changing information, also order coconut oil!

    Oil Pulling Therapy is swishing some oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes daily. Now somebody is going to say that that is the whole book and it's a waste of money. Well, they're wrong. Bruce Fife, the author, covers a lot of background material that does indeed relate to this practice and why he feels that this book is perhaps the most important medical treatise you will ever read. Using coconut oil to perform this simple task cleanses the mouth and body of bacteria, viruses, protazoans, and toxins like pesticides, mercury, and heavy metals. This takes a huge burden off the immune system, freeing up the body to heal itself. This takes time but it is a powerful practice for promoting good health. It is safe...because it is a technique borrowed from Ayervedic medicine and has been practiced in India for thousands of years.

  • Tammy - This stuff stinks so bad. P

    Bought this to punish my smoking neighbors below me. Every time they smoked on their back porch, I secretly sprayed Liquid Ass off my porch. They did go into the house several times after I sprayed. They offend my nose with cigarette smoke so I offend their nose with Liquid Ass. This stuff stinks so bad. P.S. I'm a 48 year old professional woman.

  • runner - Oro gold

    Love this eye serum....Everyone should just try it. I know all cosmetics don't work on everyone as I am allergic to many but this is great for me!!! I get results almost immediately! Would recommend to all!

  • Paul Mayer - Think of your favorite funny movies and honestly tell me this movie belongs ...

    Most of the positive reviews for this movie don’t understand all the negative reviews. I, however cannot understand how someone can watch this move and give it 5 stars. Think of your favorite funny movies and honestly tell me this movie belongs among them. For me, that would but this movie on the level of The Blues Brothers. Trading Places, Blazing Saddles, The Big Lebowski to name a few. It doesn’t matter which movies top your list, I just can’t fathom this movie being on that level. I’m not a critic but if I had to say it fails on all levels because it can’t decide what it wants to be. It seems to work best if you think of it as an assemble. All four of the leading actors have funny moments (and I have seen them all to be hilarious in other projects) but none of the jokes really land. The biggest problem is the move has no direction. Now granted a comedy doesn’t need much of a plot, but this movie has nothing to allow one scene to build on the last or for the viewer to become vested in the characters. If you think about it most great comedies start with a chuckle and end with belly laughs.

  • Jennifer L. Stipe - Good for general home use.

    For the price, this is a decent set of knives for people like me who aren't professional chefs and don't have the patience/discipline to maintain a more high quality set of knives. I've been using these for about a week now. The butcher knife is heavier than my former Farberware version, but the other knives are similar in weight. The block they come in is small and elegant, good for kitchens with tight storage space. I've mostly hand washed them but have run the smaller steak knives through the dishwasher, in the silverware racks on the bottom, without problems thus far. The knives are a bit on the light side, except for the butcher, so if you like a heavier feel to your knives you may want to find another set.