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  • Bernadette Baker - Save your money!!!

    I used them 3x at $25.00 each!!! They did not work at all for me! You pretty much have to drink water around the clock, which I did. But each time I still got sick and so dehydrated!!! Total waste of money!!

  • Dustin Self - and thought this would be fun to play with

    I've been playing guitar for 15 years, and thought this would be fun to play with. To my disappointment, it's pretty confusing, and I feel like I need a 200 page manual to play this game. I'll have to wait to play this until I have more time to figure out how it works. It's definitely not something you can just pick up and start playing; even if you are an experienced guitar player. Seems like there's a huge learning curve.

  • Lucas H - Just wanted to stop snoring for the wife...

    I really wanted this chin strap to work. I was hopeful and desperate to stop snoring so when this arrived I was ready to reap the benefits that all of these other people seemed to be getting. After a few days of using, I was left more mortified by my experience with this contraption than when I started my journey to stop snoring. Let me explain why this gets 1 star...

  • A. M. Edwards - Useful but not my favorite.

    I really love my BOB stroller and the fact that i can use a baby stroller. However. I dislike that the tray doesn't lift away for easily getting an older child into the seat. I have to lift my son over this holder to get him in. I have to use this piece in order to use the carseat. Not my favorite.

  • Lady Tee - Your Digestive Tract Will Thank You!!!

    This stuff WORKS!!! I don't mean to get to in depth but my bowel movements are regular now, sometimes 2x a day and they are soft stools. I have been taking this for approximately two weeks and I feel AMAZING!! No more belly bloat and I can feel my intestinal tract/colon thanking me 😊

  • Geraldine H. Leogh - Finishing Touch Lumina Lighted Hair Remover with Pivoting Head

    This is an amazing tiny shaver for small places. I am a repeat buyer; the last one lasted for three years. I bought one for my entire family as it removes nose hairs, chin hairs, lip hairs, ear hairs and can be used daily or weekly.

  • C. Nason - Very nice solution

    My daughter is 3.5, we thought it would be nice if she could participate on our bike rides, and the Weehoo definitely fits the bill.