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  • Charlaine Dunlap - Garmin Edge 810 Does Not Work As It Should

    This unit (Edge 810) sucks. I first bought it about one year ago when my beloved 800 fell into the Rhine River and was lost forever. Almost immediately, it started freezing during rides. And then it started shutting itself off when following a course, after the course completed, and I'd go to save my data. When I turned the unit back on, my data was lost forever. Actually there was a file on the unit, but it wouldn't upload anywhere ... I assume it was corrupted. Of course, I made sure I had the latest version of the software and I sent lots of emails, including files from my unit, to Garmin and nothing they suggested worked until they had me do a hard reset. Then it didn't freeze anymore and I only occasionally lost my data when following a course. So I loved it during those few months where it worked as it should most of the time. Then it again started losing my data EVERY TIME I followed a course. So finally, about a month ago, Garmin sent me a refurbished unit. And guess what ... it's immediately doing the same thing. It just can't follow a course to completion and keep my ride data. Also during my happy time when my original unit was working, I talked my husband into getting the same unit. And you guessed it ... his unit is now doing the same thing. So three units ... all doing the same thing ... WHY CAN'T GARMIN FIX THIS???!!!

  • hbluu - Stay far away

    EDIT: Ended up returning the 3rd keyboard as well. Another board sent with faulty keys. This time some keys would register twice. Kind of funny how none of the 3 keyboards I received felt the same. Some keys felt sturdy and some keys felt loose. I learned my lesson and will be staying away from Razer. Kudos to amazon for their great return policy and customer service.

  • Tassa S. - This one is the best. It really does work

    This stuff saved my life. I was so puffy from poison oak, I couldn't even bend my fingers. After using it the pain and itching subsided right away and the swelling in a few days. I had to use it several times, but anyone who has ever been really afflicted with poison ivy/oak knows something that can make the pain and itching stop is worth it's weight in gold. I have tried all the other poison ivy washes including the stuff you can buy at the REI. This one is the best. It really does work.

  • Alan Hughes - Unfortunately there were faults on the pair we purchased,

    Unfortunately there were faults on the pair we purchased, the nose clips were loose and one of the side arms was also unstable

  • Penn Gwynn - A reliable necessity for wine lovers

    I've gone through or tried several vacuum units in the past decade. One, a one-piece unit, worked well but eventually gave up the ghost after many years when the rubber gasket that provides the seal with the bottle shredded - just from a lot of wear; unfortunately this unit was no longer to be found when I finally needed to replace it. Another one piece unit purchased recently through Amazon performed poorly, not making or holding a good seal. I also tried a two piece unit similar to the Vacu Vin, except it also never established a meaningful seal and was a total waste of money. The Vacu Vin, in contrast, is great great great. I've been using it for months now and I am very happy with it; it's consistent in providing a vacuum that lasts at least 2-3 days giving a satisfying resistance and a little pop when I pull the plug. The audible cue for when a vacuum has been achieved is a nice feature, although I must say I found that if I keep going a bit beyond the point where the cue kicks in I seem to establish a better, longer lasting seal, compared to if I stop pumping as soon as the cue kicks in.

  • Anastasia - The seller was wonderful in personally reaching out to me to resolve the ...

    UPDATE: The seller was wonderful in personally reaching out to me to resolve the issue. I received not only a refund, but a new curling iron, which I'm thrilled over.

  • Henry G. - Xbox One is the perfect all in one but it has some flaws

    I have owned this Xbox one day one edition since day one and i wanted to leave a review at least owning it for more than a month. Now i'm going to try to be unbiased as possible since i do own a ps4 as well. The xbox one is a great system and a great all in one. The system is nice and kinect is a great feature to have but there is some flaws.