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  • trying2work - Patience required

    Purchasing QB w Payroll from Amazon is a much less expensive way to go than buying from QB. However, if you are switching from Online to desktop PRO, you will want to make dead sure all your files have transferred and that you Profit and Loss is the same in both programs before moving into Pro and making any changes. As far as QB support goes, they always want to sell you something. It is so frustrating trying to get legitimate answers to problems they themselves have admitted when you do a file conversion. Finally, I got transferred into the support group people and they were so very helpful and patient. Our file conversion did not go well, but I'll give them credit on this much - when I got a knowledgeable person on the line who was not out to sell support service, we received great help. Oh, by the way, if you have more than 3 employees, you must pay to get unlimited employees.

  • Heather - Be Prepared Get a Generator

    So far we have not used this Generator. Purchased this Generator Last Year for Christmas. After several years in a row with power outages due to hurricanes or Major Snow storms here in NY. We are now prepped. We turn the Generator on every few months for about 15 minutes and put a Stabilizer in the tank. Could not Beat Amazon Primes FREE 2 day shipping at time of purchase. Something as heavy and size would have cost an arm and a leg to deliver.