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  • Kerry J Matsumoto - superbook

    I really enjoy reading this story to my two year old son as he requests it eveynight for storytime. When is the mom version coming out? Thanks for the love you put in this story!

  • Danielle Jones - Must Have

    If you're in medical school you know First Aid is a must have for Step 1. I'm coming up quickly on my Step 1 date and this is a wonderful resource. Do not attempt Step 1 without it!

  • Seth Kapke - Great product

    Been using this for over a year now and can't live without it. This is the only organic/natural shampoo of its kind that does a great job on my scalp. With rogaine and viviscal and this shampoo my hair has been growing back great))

  • Amazon Customer - So far, so good

    So far I've been using this product for 3 weeks and have noticed my booty feels heavier and is becoming slightly fuller..can't wait too see results after 2 months!!!

  • steven - scam

    Bull scam taking advantage of people who get confused by the word "digital". Same as rabbit ears. Includes nothing special as it's intended for use with modern hd tv's that have been required to have built in digital tuners, by law, for years now

  • S.Kim - Great study guide for those just beginning to study for the ASVAB

    The ASVAB study guide does an excellent job at explaining what the test is like, both paper and computer versions, and how to study for it. I really liked how it tells students to take a practice test first, it has 4 of them, to diagnose which areas they need to study the most. I felt like the study guide covered all the material that needed to be covered to sufficiently get ready for the exam. The explanations were easy to follow, and teaches all the areas well. The only part that I didn't like was that the practice questions did not come with explanations. I thought that if students did not know how to answer certain questions, they would know that they answered incorrectly since the answers are there, but may not have the ability to figure out why their answer is incorrect. For the vocabulary section, you can just look up the words so that is fine, but for the other sections, it is a bit harder. Also, I did find some typos in this book as well. The first practice test for the word knowledge has an error in the very first problem. It asks for the synonym for hardship and the answer is hardship. There is another typo in the Arithmetic reasoning section where the question asks about buying water at the store but asks for the soda's the person bought not water. There are little typos here and there and student that have not practiced these types of questions may become very confused. I think that is why explanations are really more of a necessity now because typos, and human errors, can happen quite often but with explanations, students will be able to better tell whether there is a typo in the problem or whether they did something wrong in their calculations or their thinking. I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Although there are a couple mistakes here and there, overall, I feel like this is a great study guide for the ASVAB exam for those who are just starting to study for it.

  • Sharon Kinton - Advertising

    QuickBooks payroll does a good of payroll and payroll reports. I think the Enhanced Payroll 2014 uses deceptive advertising. The front of the box says you can make as many paychecks as you desire. But when you get started you find out that you can pay one person as many times as you want but to pay additional people there is a fee.