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  • Dan H - Nice pedal covers!

    Looks good in my 2012 Charger R/T! Also improves my driving with a better foot grip on the pedals. Installation on the brake pedal is tough. You have to soak pedal hot soapy water for 10 min first and rush to install on medal brake bracket. Be careful edges are aharp and can cut your fingers like I did but after install its worth it.

  • crybdr - I Can't Trust the Nest Any More....It's Too Bad Because I Loved It

    We happily purchased the Nest 2 years ago. Installation was simple. Setup was simple. And, for a while, everything was working great. The unit was installed on a Lennox Signature furnace and AC system installed in 2008. The savings on heating and cooling costs were real - the monthly reports were fun to see. The ability to see and control the house temperature remotely was useful as well (when traveling).

  • Rosemary Smith - Australian Dream works !!

    I put it on and the pain was cut by more than half and it lasted a long time. No for me.....

  • Brandon Rideout - ... lasted about five seconds when my son pulled the hate down on his head and ears ripped off

    This costume lasted about five seconds when my son pulled the hate down on his head and ears ripped off. It's very cute, but not very durable.

  • Dave - Excellent mount at a great price.

    If you're looking to mount your TV directly on the wall, you really can't go wrong with this package! It doesn't swivel or pull out from the wall or anything like that - it's just your standard "hangs on the wall" kind of mount (there's a small degree of tilt that you can control, but keep in mind it's very small - this is a "looking straight at it" TV mount). The whole thing arrives in a tiny little box- you just put the rack part together, attach the brackets to the TV, and you're setup and ready to go. And they include an HDMI cable too! (You can never have too many HDMI cables). If you install this into wall studs (as you always should), this was VERY stable, the TV didn't wobble or appear unstable in any way. I'm very happy with this mount, and it definitely added a nice touch to my TV setup instead of just having it rest on the stand on top of the media cabinet. This is really a great mount, and it's a ton cheaper than getting on in the stores! I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • TC Sailor - Not as usable as the early versions.

    I remember using the original version and it's first few successors, and they were useful. It's been a while since I used Quicken, so I bought the download version of Quicken Deluxe 2011 via Amazon. The download and install went fine, no issues. The setup was pretty much like I remember doing with the old versions, but it had a few new features added like auto downloads from accounts. Even that part went OK, and Quicken already had my credit union information (along with that of most major banks and credit unions).

  • Davem77 - A great oil for those with eczema trying to grow a beard

    I was a bit skeptical about this product because I suffer from eczema and over sensitive skin which reddens easily with any fragrant oils. Let me first say that this product has no odors or fragrance of any kind which is a big benefit for those who suffer from the same conditions as I do. When I first used it my skin did become a little irritated and itchy, not because of the product, but because the oil was actually penetrating my skin under my beard and re-hydrating my skin. It took about 3 days for the skin under my beard to finally become accustomed to being hydrated again and now the itching is all but gone (itches once in a while) but my beard looks and feels great. Combine this oil with a good beard brush (not a Hair Brush) and you can grow your beard without the annoying itching. My wife and son love how soft and shiny my beard has become and so will yours. At first you may have to use it whenever you feel itchy. I was putting it on at least 3 times a day but that was due to my condition. Now it's just once a day or twice depending on how often you're feeling your beard feeling a little dry.