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  • Sam98 - Nice story for young children with a lesson

    A nice story about a loving Dad as told by his young son. All children should be able to look at their Dad's as SuperHeros

  • jbates - Excellent modems but terrible firewall/router software

    I had a Netgear WNR2000v3 and a Metrocast provided cable modem. Everything was good but it was limited to DOCSIS 2.0. I found numerous positive reviews about the Motorola Surfboard modems. Having had a Bitsurfer from Motorola in the past for ISDN connectivity I had good experience with Motorola. This SBG6580 is an excellent modem but the firewall/router interface software is something straight out of the early 2000's. It is just plain terrible compared to the Netgear. I highly recommend you pass on this modem/router/firewall combo and get the Motorola SB6121 modem and a separate firewall/router/wireless unit.

  • Claire de Lune - No more adhesions!

    In 2008, I woke with agonizing abdominal pain. The cause turned out to stem from surgery seven years earlier. A band of scar tissue had clamped down on my small intestine, blocking it completely. Surgery was required to correct the condition, and I was hospitalized for 11 days. Five months later, exactly the same thing happened, and I feared I was in for years of repeats. Then a friend who is, literally, a rocket scientist, suggested Serrapeptase. He suffered from cancer, and had experienced a number of these painful adhesions. Serrapeptase, an enzyme used by silkworms to free themselves from their silk cocoons, is thought to soften, loosen and dissolve scar tissue. It had worked for him, and maybe could help me, too. There's no way to be certain, but since beginning on Serrapeptase, I've never had another adhesion. My doctor says, "Keep taking it." (BTW, there seem to be no side effects.)

  • Natalie T. - Good Serum

    I did like this product, but didn't love it. I really liked how my skin feels after I use it, but I didn't see any changes in my skin texture or appearance.

  • Zach Frailey - Equal to OEM

    I had to replace the third brake light on my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee at inspection time and after seeing what the OEM part cost, I went looking elsewhere. For a fraction of the price, this fit in perfectly. Only difference I noticed was the color of the washer fluid dispenser, which I actually prefer in this replacement part.

  • Ellen Childress - Writer's Market is a good investment

    I like to be able to research markets for my work, and it's much more fun for me to have a directory,