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  • Hugh A. Banks - Nice Product, but there is one thing...

    ...The fragrance! Others have commented on the fragrance as well. It's nice, but WAY too strong initially (when first opened).

  • Karen Brown - What needs to be included.

    It is a very good resource for information needed to take the exam, however, it would be very helpful in addition to the quizzes for the anatomy/pathology/terminology that there would be coding quizzes included. Although there is additional resources online not everyone has access.

  • bbkatt - Love my new "toy"!

    This is the coolest trimmer! Reasonably lightweight - the battery probably weighs as much as the entire trimmer - which lasts a long time after charged up. Comes with an extra spool and has a spool cover (only mentioned because I bought extras not knowing they would be included). Still on the 1st spool and cannot say enough about this..makes it "fun" to do the trimming and I have a large yard with many areas to trim! The manual didn't explain the different settings as far as switching from trimmer to mini-mower, etc but there are some online Youtube videos that are extremely helpful and highly recommend looking at those so you aren't completely lost, as I was. Very nice trimmer and easily adjusts and the best part - it's cordless!!!! Highly recommend!

  • wee rider parent - Way better than pricey competitor brand

    I got this because it was less than half the price of LivLean. It has helped me lose stubborn weight without costing me a fortune.