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  • just me - great product for the money

    These are very well made, lifetime garranty wrenchs. The price is the real reason I bought them. The wrench set is made in india, appears to be of very high quality and they do say they stand behind them. For someone that needs tools, but doesn't have to use them everyday, these are perfect. If you have to use your tools everyday, I recommend getting something that you can have replaced very quickly if something were to happen (like the same day). These were purchased to be kept inside of my vehicle so that I can have some tools just in case something were to happen, for that they are perfect.

  • David L. - Classic sunglasses at a great price!

    These replace the Ray-Ban Aviators I bought in 1990, but were damaged beyond repair when I accidentally stepped on them a couple of years ago. At that tine, I was unwilling to pay the price to replace them, so I bought counterfeit Ray-Bans instead. The counterfeit glasses looked pretty good until I dropped them, and the glass shattered. I'm glad that didn't happen when I was wearing them! Genuine Ray-Ban glass is shatterproof.