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  • Steven Ernst - The best brand....period.

    Application is flawless. I like that they included a suction cup to use to apply the glass. When I've tried other brands, always had tiny bubbles that I could not get out or dust that got caught on edges where I had to hold the glass when applying. Had none of those issues here. The screen is responsive like it isn't even there. Definitely the only brand I will ever buy and recommend in the future. Great product at an amazing price!

  • totempol - Helps with healing

    This product helps on localized situations with the body. I have used it on a cat bite on my hand, on my stomach when the bowel was angry and on sore muscles. I just love it and feel it was worth the money I spent on it.

  • cobie - Random disk problem

    Bought the game and the guitar works great but the disk didn't work. I don't know why, it looks brand new. So I just went and bought a copy at gamestop.

  • Tudor Cutuhan - A total bust!

    The "custom fit" floor liner for my 2013 Chrysler Town & Country, are a total bust! They have nothing to do with their agresive advertising.... laser measured... my ass!

  • soundmind - I just can't stamp an endorsement on Nest

    Mine doesn't seem to do anything exceptionally well. It may not be the Nest thermo fault, but after a firmware update, my humidifier water on the system runs 24/7 rather than just when system fan rns on auto. I can only point to the nest. Outside of initial learning, this thing doesn't seem to lean o-going (maintenance mode vs. learning mode? don't know. I have NO confidence that it has learned a thing, however, it certainly seems to save me money, b/c it wants to keep my AC in the 80s, no matter what I do. Maybe I need to reset it and start over. basically it's a wifi thermostat for this guy at a pretty high price. I bought their Nest Protects. I have had 3 false alarms. ugh. that's another product, I know.