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  • Ken Webmaster Truth Facts Net - Microsoft Office Professional 2010

    There is no getting around it, even though I am not a Microsoft fan, any serious dealing with others requires you to have at least Microsoft Word. I also desperately needed a database so the purchase of Microsoft Office Professional 2010 was made. The price was about half of the usual retail, so I think I got a good deal. There are also several other programs included such as Excel, Powerpoint and others.

  • Anthony Lopez - True wrestling fan game!

    Amazing game. If you are a true wrestling fan this game is a must have. So many features added and a very nicely improved roster.

  • Consumer Product Engineer - Heartburn Cure on the Horizon

    I'm 32 and have had heartburn since I was a teenager. I controlled it with TUMS. A year ago I finally went to a GI doctor and he immediately prescribed Prevacid. It worked great. I could eat anything, even my favorite pepperoni pizza. After a year on the drug I decided to quit cold turkey. I didn't want to have to take this drug the rest of my life especially after hearing some of the possible long term side effects (stomach tumors). I had horrendous heartburn non stop for 2 weeks. I stuck with only Tums to help ease the pain. I got to thinking that something else might be going on. I called my sister who worked at an allergy clinic. She had me come in to speak with the doctor. He ordered Food Allergy tests. Sure enough... Dairy, Tomatoes, Corn, Peanuts. At about the same time, I found this book. This book explains why that it is very probable that I got these food allergies from STOMACH ACID SUPPRESSION. It also explains why I could have low stomach acid which might be the cause of my GERD. It could also explain why I have had acne since I was a teenager. It's all exposed in this wonderful book. This is no joke... I now believe I will find out soon when I get my allergies under control that STOMACH ACID IS GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  • B. Pilibosian - JUNK

    We tested this unit prior to putting it to use in my shop and it failed miserably. It should register 1 or 2 lights meaning good, 3 or 4 meaning bad. We tested it with old dirty brake fluid and 4 lights lit up meaning it was bad.....then we tested brand new brake fluid that we opened just for the test and 3 lights lit up meaning it was also bad. We opened another new bottle of brake fluid and 3 more lights. Straight water gave us 4 lights. We read and followed the directions before use. Now I get to see how good Amazon is about returns.

  • Stanley Matlack - Don"t Believe the Advertising, Nothing is FREE

    I ordered the NuWave PIC from Precision Induction Cooktop, buy one set and get one free just pay shipping and handling. I ordered just one set ,The Ad said Buy One and Get one Free just pay shipping and handling FREE cookware, steamer, fry pan with lid etc. I received the BURNER ONLY, NO COOK WARE, called them and they said i ordered one burner only and I would have to pay 69.00 s/H for the FREE COOKWARE, I already paid $29.95 S/H. The ad did not say anything about you have to order two, get one free ?? LOL just pay s/h extra. The Ad is very MISLEADING and DECEITFUL and the company will not do anything for me except give me a hard time and smart a-- reply's , I would NOT RECOMMEND this product or the company. BUYER BEWARE, BUYER BEWARE.......

  • Jeff from Sunny Florida - Easy to install...looks great, and works!

    Arrived quickly, simple installation, and they look great. When installing on the front, just turn the front wheels all the way to one side or the other... the rear is a little tricky....I did not need to remove the rear wheels. These do help keep the bottom of the car clean.

  • westerhof - Other Quicken versions: Great; Quicken Rental Property Manager: Terrible

    I have been using Quicken software for over 20 years. I started with the simplest version, and as my assets and finances became more complicated, I would purchase the next more complex version of Quicken. When I started I had one job and no assets to speak of. Now I have a salary and multiple other sources of income, including 26 rental units. While I have used one version of Quicken or another this entire time, Quicken Rental Property Manager proved to be a step backward in that it actually made keeping track of my finances MORE complicated and MORE difficult.