Arthur Hayes, Antique Toys - I collect, trade and sell the very best antique trains, tintoys, composition figures and collectibles from the era 1895-1940. Lionel, Marklin, Hausser, Lineol and Elastolin composition 7.5cm figures.

Country:, North America, US

City: -119.688 Oregon, United States

  • Phoebe B Beebe - Needs a new name!

    Dear Bic, thank you for this charming pen, although I do wish the ink were scented, perhaps like strawberries or lilacs or kittens.

  • mommie o - Do not get this game!

    I have never seen such a boring simulator game.There are so many ways I could think of that would make this game better.This is a waste of time!

  • Bob Roe - Hair Worse than Before for myself and my mom!!

    Both my mom and started using this at the same time about 3 months ago. I recently have noticed that my hair is breaking off and I have frizzy little ends all over. It us also a lot thinner than it has ever been in my life! I thought maybe it was just something that I was going through. But then my mom mentioned to me that She thought her hair was getting thinner!! 😠 The loss that she was experiencing is different than what she had before. Now it's in chunks! Not happy at all!! I hope this is reversable!! 😠

  • fedx8 - A Must-Have for any Pet Parent

    My dog has separation anxiety, and for about a month while we were getting it under control, I would come home to the worst kind of surprises. As a renter, keeping my carpets as clean as they came is really important, and this does a great job. Spells nice, and my dog doesn't show any interest in the spots cleaned with Nature's Miracle, while he still used to sniff around the spots cleaned by other methods.

  • Me the CISSP - Quite frankly the closest thing to real feces.

    So, I'm no feces expert, but I have smelled a real turd a time or two in my 40 years and 2 kids. This is by far the closest thing to a full porta potty on a sunny hot day in Texas. If you want to get fired at work. This is your ticket. This is not run of the mill prank stuff you use on friends. This is stuff you better use on people you hate. It's bad and if you overdo it... it will stick around for a loooooong time.

  • Rich L - Does everything, fairly well

    This suite is big and yes, bloated. It takes up a lot of room on your hard drive, adds several little processes that can take up your system resources, no matter what you are doing on your computer, and purports to do everything you could possibly want to do with photos, videos, data discs, and probably a lot more, because I haven't really gone through everything it offers. Several of the components do a good job of simplifying complex production problems. For instance, if you want to take your photo images from your vacation and make them into a playable DVD, you can do that pretty easily with this suite. You can do simple edits and "optimizations" of individual photos too. There are a lot of other projects too, just judging from the menus. The program that creates 3D images was new to my experience, fun and fairly effective.