ASANAR - Asociación de Anticoagulados de Aragón - ASANAR (Asociación de Anticoagulados de Aragón), nace motivada por la inquietud de un grupo de personas que tomamos anticoagulantes orales por conocer la realidad del tratamiento y mejorar la atención que se presta a los pacientes anticoagulados. El Tratamiento Anticoagulante Oral (TAO), es empleado para la prevención y el tratamiento de enfermedades tromboembólicas, su objetivo es mantener los niveles de coagulación adecuados.

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -3.684 , Spain

  • ellesmuse - Does exactly what it's supposed to do!

    These razors are very effective for what they do, and with just the slightest bit of pressure, they do their job perfectly. From the time that I've used it (several weeks now), I haven't noticed any dulling in the blade. For the price (plus with prime there's free shipping!), I think these are definitely worth a try!

  • D.H. - Water damage to my $650 cell phone while at Schlitterbahn Waterpark!

    I tested the case with a tissue prior to my first use. It appeared to hold up fine while tested. While we were at the waterpark yesterday, water leaked into the case and ruined my cell phone. I would not recommend this product!

  • Ashara Matthews - It Worked for me

    I guess it really depends on your body type. I eat high protein 5x a day, weights and cardio. I'm a mesomorph/endomorph body type. I was at a steady 2lb a week, this totally just doubled that and I was losing inches much faster. You really just have to find what works for you, not all ingredients are for everyone. I get it from local distributor, no problems.

  • NHCoder - Great packaging, great feel when teeing off

    Great packaging, great feel when teeing off. 200+ yard drives are not a problem. My only complaint about these Nike Mojo balls is that they don't keep me from hitting them into the woods. If a golf ball could do that, I would pay top dollar. I don't know... maybe I should take a lesson or something,