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  • jewelryforu - Bigger is not always better

    I purchased it for the Price , but it's not that pure as the one I normally buy from Edens Garden that one is 100 pure I'll stick to what I lnow rather than base it on size . Bigger is not always better 😔

  • Alyssa Solomon - Thank you.

    This is definitely one of the better supplements. I had absolutely no expectations of this every being able to work. I was in for a very pleasant surprise with this tablet.

  • Judy Petykowski - Looking forward to getting the whole national park quarters collection!

    The album is nice but I honestly expected there to be more information about each national park included. It is my 6 year old grandson that is starting it and I like that he can easily insert each quarter......(altho it did take us some time to realize you just move the plastic).

  • Donna - I like the game fine

    I like the game fine. Used to love it but you have made it extremely frustrating the further I go just like all the other games. Like Candy Crush, and many others, people just give up because its almost impossible to progress without spending money. Some of the levels take many tries to figure out how to even complete them. I HATE the timed ones. I feel these games are suppose to be relaxing and enjoyable or they are not worth playing.

  • Yvonne L. Lawrence - Easily one of the best Christmas albums out this year

    If I could rate it highly than 5 stars I would. Easily one of the best Christmas albums out this year. A must for your Christmas music collection.

  • Jennifer Bailey - These are the best quality products around

    These are the best quality products around, period. Non gmo, vegan, organic, no fillers. Those that complain about the taste it's because your body is too acidic and this is one reason why you should continue with it! It's pure greens and once u get the toxins out of your body, and cleanse your palette, it will taste different after a few days. And it's encouraged to eat the flex foods so you don't feel ill, weak, etc..but then again if you are unhealthy it's natural.when the toxins are getting out of your body. If your hungry, eat more veggies, it's simple. Yeah, it is really low calorie but you are burning only fat and not muscle hence the dramatic weightloss, and the hope is now that your body and palette are cleansed after 10 days you will start eating real food vs going back to old habits:) i would not by on amazon, you need support from a real distributor who you and offer modifications as needed.

  • Mulepick - Works fine

    I have used this product a number of times and it works fine for me. I especially like avoiding the hassle of using helicoils and the potential of them coming out. I 've been surprised at the torque that this product will hold and the temp at which it works. I don't understand the other bad marks as I've used this product almost exclusively on motorcycle applications. I think perhaps the issue is that the surface must be clean and particuarly clean of oil. I use brake parts clean before this product.