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  • Mark C. Burdin - Great LCD TV mount for the price!!!

    I have had a 52" Philips LCD for over a year now and have been searching for a swivel mount that can come off the wall so I can wire or re-wire my componets to the tv. Every mount I came accross at my local stores (Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target) were all in the hundreds, some close to $400.00. Rediculous! I decided to check online and see what I could find. So I googled large LCD swivel mounts and I found a lot on Amazon that sell thru another party. I found three mounts that stuck out for me, this one, another made by cheetah,and another one made by Videosecu. I ultimatley eneded up choosing this one beacuse it has duel arms that hold the LCD up instead of just one (Cheetah mount) I wanted to make sure that the arms would hold up my 89lb LCD.

  • Norma McL - No pain, no gain

    I upped my dosage and have had to pull back some; I recognize the Herxheimer effect when I see it, and I need to be less eager to increase the dosage. That isn't bad news; it's just the way things go when your body is evacuating the bad stuff that you're taking serrapeptase to rid yourself of. I've pulled back from three tablets once or twice a day to one twice a day.

  • meletu - great umbrella stroller

    This is an awesome stroller -- lightweight, really easy to maneuver, sturdy enough for cobblestone streets and jagged sidewalks, and great comfort for the kiddo, in both the upright and reclined positions. It's remarkably easy for one person to carry this up and down stairs, and I'm surprised that something so lightweight is also so sturdy. I wish the basket underneath stored a little bit more, but overall this is a terrific stroller. It's basically replaced our UppaBaby VIsta as our everyday stroller.

  • Fran - Best yet for odor.

    This is the best remedy for eliminating cat urine odors. Unhappily, I have a couple of cats that occasionally feel the need to "mark or spray". This product has totally cut the odor which reduces spraying. I have used other products, but this is great and it also reduces and/or eliminates stains. I truly enjoy my cats and I would never think of getting rid of them due to their problem. Their behavior continues to improve.

  • Joshua Greene - Go for CLEP!

    CLEP is the best kept secret in the US. Get this, Study Hard, and get cheap college credit. Couldn't get much easier than that, folks!