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  • Tralynnme - Great diffuser, multi color lights up

    This is a great diffuser for the price. Overall I am happy with it and it works very well. It appears just as advertised, and the seller shipped it to me quickly.

  • T. Blade - The moment of creation....

    Love this set - the moment of creation heard - revealed - captured - the making of masterpieces - closer than we have ever been to the quintet - you could write about talk about this box all day long - or you could just hear Miles and band lay it down. 'Nuff said.

  • Teacher314 - Perfect for an overview of each park - worth the money!

    I enjoy reading travel books before big trips so I can get ideas about what sights are best to see. Hoping to make it some of these parks soon, I was happy to see this book listed in a magazine article about travel. This book does not disappoint and is COMPLETELY worth the money. It has gorgeous pictures and lots of helpful information. Of course, you can always dig deeper if you decide to go to any of these parks, but this book will give you many great initial ideas and may even spark your interest in visiting less well-known parks, as it did for me. I spent several weeks leisurely reading through this book and it will now make a fantastic coffee table book.

  • Average Joe - Infinite possibilities

    I just received this today. I think the product is excellent. I made some music on Garage Band before and I like this more. It's very complex and it will take me a while to learn it, but the different variations are vast. The price is incredible for what you get. My brother has Logic Pro for Mac and I think he spent around $600 for it years ago. For $100 you can't beat it. I'm very excited to start making music on this.

  • Cuong P. Nguyen - Another excellent BT tracking unit with additional BT controls for selfie and music playing

    This is another very nice Bluetooth tracking unit. It is built with an aluminum casing and has a replaceable battery. The app works well with my iPhone 6SP. It does have a lot of features but I find it a bit difficult to use if you want to take advantage of all the features it has in addition to key finding/tracking. You can use it to control the shutter on the camera (a nice remote selfie). You can control music playing (ie. skip next/prev track as well as play/stop). Since it has only ONE button you'd have to press once, twice, or three times for different function. I do find doing this via Bluetooth is a bit challenging (I suppose it takes a little practice to get the hang of the duration, etc..). Since these functions are not important for me at the moment I didn't really care but at some point in the future I'd go back and use the music control feature as this can be very convenient to have). The software interface is nice and well designed with many controls and options that you can select. But (yes, there's a "but") because of the many options that it supports you'll need to spend some time to play with the setup scenario that you want to use it for. It does work and the map is nice showing the last known location. You also have the 2-way beeping function to/from your key and cell phone. This is the only unit I know of at this time that has a multitude of functions builtin on top of the normal tracking function. So for a few $$ more than the Tile and the Trackr you get a lot more functionality along with the replaceable battery feature! Excellent quality. Note that I purchased this unit at a discount in exchange for an honest review of the product

  • Kelly - Highly Reccommend

    I purchased my starter kit at Target because I was too impatient to order online. I had been painting my nails with basic nail polish at home for years before turning back to acrylics at the salon. I had been getting regular fills twice a month for three months when I decided to switch over to gel at the salon. My nails were brittle and short because of the damage done from the acrylics and I was having trouble locating a good salon to give me a lasting gel manicure. After doing my own research online, I thought I'd try this at home kit, and I have not stopped raving about it to any one who will listen.