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  • E Bookmaster - Rosy Cheeks Glowing Complexion

    Okay, I am taking this product for painful feet. I have taken it about two weeks now and my skin is beautiful! I have actual color on my face rather than a paperbag brown. The bloodflow has improved so much that my beginning wrinkles have filled in, my cheeks are rosey and my lips are like dark wine where they used to have absolutely no color at all! I know it will take a little more time to get rid of the plantar foot pain but this beginning perk is amazing! I am also taking iron supplementation and a green drink but I am laying my complexion on Genacol.

  • Nicholas - A good extra boost that I put in my morning shakeology ...

    A good extra boost that I put in my morning shakeology and use in addition to my prenatal vitamin. My doctor said I would need two packets a day to get the recommended doses of the two vitamins, and their are obviously tons of other stuff that is good to take as a supplement. It's not a one stop product. I'll post again if I get pregnant this month. Then, it may be a miracle booster.

  • Bodiac Zodiac - office2010 teacher

    when first deciding to load window 7 onto my pc, I decided to purchase this product to teach myself office 2010. I came across a advertisement about a combo at the amazon site in which they're offering a windows 7 teaching disk which also included a teaching of office 2010. Wow, a opportunity like this don't usually come along. Since I found it enjoyable, I was taken with the tutorials that was waiting for me at the end of each lesson. For me, that's what made that program worth the money in gold. Even though it may be on my computer for a teaching, I got more out of it by letting the tutors teach me.

  • rjhartley12 - Awesome item

    This item came after my rival burnt up. I read all the ratings and did some really hard research. I picked this one after I got done I have to say I am not disappointed I use crockpots all the time. I needed one for a family of seven and was a work horse.This one does the job very very very pleased.

  • Raymond Meyer - Great Bike

    Cons: If you're not an in-shape person, the E3 Dash weighs around 50 pounds, 22kg. Lifting into a truck bed may give a lighter person some challenge but the pleasure of the ride awaits.

  • Matt Boyko - Not all parts were there

    The bag came in on time, and in itself was fine, however, it did not come with a club head cover. I was extremely disappointed by this.

  • Amazon Customer - So so

    Works for about ten minutes and then does nothing. No long term lasting effect. Doesn't work well with lipstick as it makes your lips feel oily.