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  • Zebra - not for my combination skin unless a moisturizer is followed up with

    I've been using this for several days and I've been trying to figure out what it smells like. Then it dawned on me: like a Lemonhead candy. I enjoy the refreshing smell. The product comes out easily. Just tip it over, push the top down and watched the darker taupe fluid with a nectar consistency flow out. I've put it after wetting my face (as instructed) and put it on without wetting my face. The cleanser fluid itself washes off, however it doesn't remove makeup like other cleansers do, particularly eye makeup and gel makeups. For this price point, I'd want it to wash off makeup too. I used this on my T-zones only at first as those parts of my face are less sensitive than my cheeks. There wasn't any irritation, but when I put it on my cheeks I did notice dry patches and some itchiness afterward. If you plan on using this with sensitive or dry skin, I'd definitely recommend a moisturizer afterward. This formula may work well for others, but it wasn't made for my skin for sure.

  • Brusaun - In short, this version of Acronis is JUNK!

    Acronis used to be a great product. I had to upgrade from 2013 so I got my upgrade from their site (Not Amazon.).

  • Chad - Panda anti-virus - a joke

    I'm from South Africa and had Panda 2010 installed. Since it expired last year around October it's constantly giving pop-ups to renew my license. It gives 3 options to either renew, do some other nonsense or "Remind me later". The remind me later, according to Panda, means "Remind me in 20 minutes". The pop-ups are DAILY, CONSTANT and ANNOYING! These clowns want you to just pay the renewal. Well NO! I'll NEVER purchase your program EVER again. And I'm glad I can finally get it out to everyone else. Don't buy this rubbish, big mistake. And if your Panda is working're one of the lucky ones.

  • Susie - DO NOT BUY

    I have owned four Hallmark Card programs but was forced to buy the new 2011 version since my older versions would not operate with Windows 7. What a mistake! I am operating at 64 bits and the 2011 Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe is the only card program I have installed on my computer. I have had nothing but problems with this program. Now a new problem has developed since downloading an update today and this was not a problem until I installed the update! My list of names in the envelope destination list does not match the name and address on the envelope. This program just keeps getting worse and the response from Creative Home or even Soft City is poor at best. I see other user posting the same problems that I have experienced and the techs still reply that "this is not a known problem". I may go back to buying greeting cards in the store.

  • K. Olson - Good Additions

    The 2015 Just Dance has made some great improvements to past additions. Most notably there are different moves for the four players with some of the players having more difficult moves than others. This gives longer play value as you can try different positions. Love the music selection.