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Lancaster Chiropractors - AV Chiropractic Health Center - Dr. Wayne Hodges and Dr. Dave Howard are Lancaster chiropractors serving the greater Antelope Valley for chiropractic and therapy needs.

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  • Kindle Customer - Absolutely the best hair product out there

    Absolutely the best hair product out there! After you towel dry your hair use 2-3 squirts and gently rub in the palm of your hands. Work your hands through your hair (not on top) your hair will be easy to comb and is no longer frizzy and looks healthy!

  • autumnlakes - autumnlakes

    I have used this apricot scrub since it was first introduced and I was given a free sample at a mall over 26 yrs ago. I'm sad to say they recently changed the scent of the product and the new scent is aweful. They didn't label the new scent on the bottle and so I had no warning and used it. It took forever to get the stink off me. What a horrible mistake St. Ives has made. I went searching for the old stuff on ebay and one person had both kinds. They told me the old stuff smelled nice and the new stuff made them gag.. I think that about sums up this product. If you agree, please leave a review here. Maybe the dummies at St. Ives will get a clue after they loose their market share and read all these negative reviews. I want my old favorite product back!!!

  • Amazon Customer - So far...nothing.

    Purchased the Vital Reds product. I have been taking it for five days. So far have not felt any difference in energy level. Will continue to take it for the next three weeks to see if any of the claims I have read work for me.

  • Sean - I have used this for years.

    I have been using this product for about 15 years. I manage about 7 vehicles for family and friends and they are all over 100,000 mile vehicles. I have never had a major internal engine problem that I would relate to oil quality. I use standard conventional oil and one quart of Lucas with every oil change. I have ran several of my vehicles to over 200,000 miles. I would highly recommend this product.

  • Yokasta Duval - This is one of the most nice and classic journal I've ever had

    This is one of the most nice and classic journal I've ever had. Good design and space to write notes and keep you track on your daily duties. I just LOVE IT!!!!

  • Matt A. - Nice smelling and soft to the skin

    I'm looking forward to this and how beneficial would be the effects. I do get puffiness when i lack sleep and i have bags too. Nice smelling and feels soft to the skin. I like the compact and simple packaging. Item came in time and packaged well. I got this item discounted for my honest review, so far I'm liking this product but still too early to tell. I will update within a month on how it goes.