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  • P. Body - Premium, indeed!!!

    Love the comprehensive approach they take in this prep guide! I took the GRE last month and this guide was the most accurate in providing the real experience. The digital components and the six practice tests were invaluable for my preparation. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  • Victoria Sappington - Excited to continue tracking results

    I received this product for free on the terms that I review it honestly. The shipping was very quick and arrived four days before it said it would. Everything arrived in good condition and the packaging is nice. Reading that the bottle is only 1oz was one thing but seeing the tiny bottle made me a bit nervous at first. However, the cream is a lot like lotion so you do not need a lot of it to get a wide coverage of the scarred area. I have several areas on my body that are affected by stretch marks and additionally I have acne scarring on my face. I used the cream on both of these because it says it can be used for both. Again the consistency is a lot like lotion and it smells almost like mint and tea tree oil mixed. I have currently only used it about a week, once a day. The bottle recommends twice a day but I tend to forget in the morning to put it on. I do not think it has effected my acne scarring much but I also have been breaking out around some of those areas so this could be effecting my results. My stretch marks seam a little less pink but I feel it is a little too early to tell a whole lot yet. I plan to update this review as I see more results. The ingredients definitely contain several products that reduce stretch marks and scarring such as vitamin e and tea tree oil, so I am hopeful that I will continue to see some changes!

  • Dan Dye - May be light for some heavy users, but FINE for me

    I only use Quicken Starter Version to keep my checkbook in order, keep up with monthly bills which I pay automatically via the bank each month, and to balance everything (I have 2 checking accounts I keep with it)... It works PERFECTLY for the things I need and I have found no limitations for the things I want it to do for me. I was using another program that I used for many, many years, but it would not work with Windows 10 so I tried Quicken Starter - I am SO glad I did... it not only replaces the old program I was using, it outperforms it so well!

  • Kendra Staley - Burn is essential in helping burn the fat off.

    The boyfriend loves it! He takes it just before dinner to help in his quest for weight loss. Burn is essential in helping burn the fat off. The green tea helps keep you feeling energized and the pills are easy to swallow. The product is all natural and not loaded down with chemicals. Huge for our family as we believe in healthy living and dont want chemicals in our home or in our body. He has been taking these pills but still continuing to eat healthy and work out. Please remember to see results and keep the results you have to be willing to make lifestyle changes. There have been no side effects. It doesnt affect his sleep and he can take these in conjunction with the companies other products. Would we reorder? Yes, we would.

  • Marilyn - Do You Tinkle?

    There are no words. How did I get through life before the Tinkle? You will be a bit nervous at first, and that's to be expected. Go slow until you get a feel for it. In time, you will have the perfect brow and smoothest face. Friends will wonder what's different about you, family will start to notice a glow about you, I am telling you, the Tinkle is a game changer. The price is unbelievable, use your Prime and thank me later.

  • Jessica B. - great product

    I am giving this four stars only because of the cost of the product. Otherwise, it would get 5 stars. These probiotic capsules are essential to maintain vaginal health! If you suffer from BV or chronic yeast infections... I highly recommend this product. Constantly taking the flagyl and diflucan pills only messes up your PH levels and kills off the "good" and "bad" bacteria at the same time... It will not make you feel better and you will get a reoccuring infection over time. Please start taking these pills once daily or once every other day (now that Im back in check,I take one pill about 3 to 4 times weekly and I seem to stay balanced.

  • redrose196 - They have an eye catching appeal different from all the others they look & fit perfect.

    The service was fast. They have an eye catching appeal different from all the others they look & fit perfect.