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AV Technology Products and Services • avt - We help organisations make the best AV Technology decisions in order for them to teach, reach, collaborate and share ideas.

  • http://avt.tech/corporate Corporate AV Technology • avt - Our Corporate AV Technology give teams the flexibility to move between spaces as their tasks change and the ability to include others from remote offices.
  • http://avt.tech/education Education AV Technology • avt - Students are well-versed in personal technology and expect having their in-classroom experience enriched with sophisticated audio and video content.
  • http://avt.tech/government Government AV Technology • avt - Many government applications require not only high quality delivery of sound and images, but also high levels of security in their distribution.
  • http://avt.tech/defence Defence AV Technology • avt - Defence force members are trained in simulation environments utlising the latest in AV Technology for distributing images, information and commands.
  • http://avt.tech/health Healthcare AV Technology • avt - The use of AV technology in healthcare has led to radical improvements and innovation in clinical processes.
  • http://avt.tech/products/ Harman Products • avt - These are the best-in-class Harman products to deliver a complete AV solution for where you work, educate, govern, defend or care.
  • http://avt.tech/about/ History of avt • avt - At avt we help organisation make the best technology decisions in order for them to teach, reach, collaborate and share ideas.
  • http://avt.tech/contact/ Contact • avt - If you want to take your technology to the next level, get in touch with one of our advisors today and see what avt can do for your organisation.

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  • Josh - Not a Bad Ball

    I played with this ball extensively when I played in college as we had the U.S. sitting volleyball team practice at our wellness center full-time and the paralympic practiced part-time there - thus these volleyballs were always on hand. I do not care for the texture that much, but that is more of a personally opinion. My hands tend to sweat a lot and this style of grip made it a bit more slippery than others.

  • stephen costa - Useful features removed, ugly interface, sometimes crashes

    I've just started using VS 2012, and so far have found it a major regression in appearance and ease of use.

  • Susan Webster - Thank You Invisible Glass

    Love, love, love this stuff, but must admit I don't use it for glass. It is perfect for keeping stainless steel spotless as well as those black cooktops. Have recommended it to friends that use it for the same thing I do

  • Carl D. Mcnair - HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED HDMI VGA Monitor

    HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED HDMI VGA Monitor is my main monitor and window to the world now. I have cancer and am now mostly a shut-in and yet with this sharp,high contract monitor can see everything better than with my ,now failed,non-LED lighted monitor and the colors even look better than ever before.