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  • nodice - Entertaining

    3.5 stars. I was highly entertained, but then again I was sipping on Lemoncello while watching. I agree with other reviewer that this film is a combination of every catastrope film that you have ever watched before. But truth be told, I sort of enjoyed all those that came before this as well. I like that the last suspenseful moments are from our heroes screwing up, but I really didn't like losing the step-father in all this and am not at all sure that our main hero, Jackson, deserved winning his family back. I think an ending of father and step-father accepting each other would have played better. I mean, did the wife even miss her husband? She just bounced back with the first husband like it wasn't nothing. My main problem is the selling of tickets for such a major amount. I mean, the currency won't mean anything in a world of no goverment. Seems like having each continent invest in thousands of Noah Arks would have boosted the economy for the three years that they knew of the approaching end of days and they could have save a whole lot more people. 3 three years and 50 states building arks. How is this a bad plan? Some assistant being listened to as head of state? There were a lot questionable decisions, but like I said with the right buss you will still find this great entertainment.

  • General Harris - "ActivBuds" have seriously impressed me! Definitely a Must Have item!

    I was told of these ear buds by a good friend who was raving about them. I figured if they lived up to half of his praises..I'd be a happy customer. Imagine my delight to have my own expectations blown away! I've had dozens of Bluetooth headsets and earphones over the years many at more than double the cost of these ear buds! These "ActivBuds" deliver the best quality sound, least interruption and are the most comfortable unit I have ever had! I am most impressed with "Activbuds" and will be purchasing more as perfect birthday and holiday gifts!

  • Minehava - A Wonder without cord!!!

    I was apprehensive of purchasing new vacuum, but after reading a consumer report magazine has rater this wonder THE top number one in cordless vacuums I went for it. And I'm glad for it too. This baby has the power to clean carpets and hard floors of dirt, (really long hair) and dust that has not been removed by beating the carpets senseless outside. I was surprised just how much dust it sucked out of the small runner rugs! So YAY for the all allergic people out there (my self included). The filter comes out and can be gently wiped then beaten to cleanliness, or washed (but must be 48h dried before use). The basket empties easily and the whole thing disassemble in seconds. The battery usually charges about 2 hours but should be charged for 3h, it will let you clean 3 room house 3x if u got a lot of carpets, 5x on hard floors. and the best thing, it does not sit in the charger permanently eating up your electricity. It is a bit on the heavy side (form an elderly woman point of view) but not unreasonably so, which makes it very stable and sturdy. It also makes up for it's only minor inconvenience in suburb performance. In other words, I would buy it for my granny in a heart beat!

  • Amazon Customer - Drops wifi signal

    When it works it's great, however it keeps dropping off my home wifi even thought it is on 6 feet from the router, thus only 2 stars because it only works approx 30% of the time

  • Stacy L. - What's on your list today??

    I've fallen into the adult coloring book addiction. This is not only a coloring book, it's a day planner too!! The pictures in it are fabulous. It is spiral bound and not one of those cheap spirals that gets snagged on stuff. If you need a day planner and want to be a coloring addict too, I highly recommend this item. You will love it!

  • Blue Skies - Excellent!

    All of the Tracy Crosswhite novels/stories are excellent, very enjoyable. Can't wait for the upcoming new one! I have ordered two of Dugoni's previous books and never fininshed them, just couldn't buy the basic premise. These are hard to put down, really well done!

  • Bonnie - Starbucks Coffe Casi Cielo

    My favorite Starbucks blend! I wait all year for this one to come out and buy as many as I can to freeze however, it sells out quickly in the stores. I was happy that I found more at Amazon.