Bienvendios a Bases y Colchones Bogotá : Base camas, colchones ortopédicos, Semiortopédicos, pillowtop camas nido, cabecero o espaldar, almohadas, protector para colchón, distribuidores autorizados Romance Relax y Ramguiflex - Somos una empresa que cuenta con más 10 años de experiencia en la distribución de productos para el hogar, estamos respaldados por las más grandes y reconocidas empresas del país Espumados de Colombia Romance Relax y Ramguiflex, en la cual somos un canal de distribución, nuestra comercialización en grandes volúmenes de productos terminados como colchones, colchonetas, almohadas, base camas, lencería, protectores, entre otros; nos permite jugar un papel importante como proveedores de estos productos para hoteles, sector hospitalario, dotación residencial, alojamientos y licitaciones estatales.

  • Promociones - Colchón semirotopédico Línea gold medida 140x190x25 pillowtop doble cara en espuma de alta densidad.• Brinda alta sensaciòn de confort• Tela Jacquard• Bandas e hiladillo en color azul• Diseño moderno y elegante. basecama2 La base cama es el complemento ideal para tu colchón, gracias a su tamaño y altura excelentes para descansar, práctico para su movilización.Estructura en madera sajo impermeabilizada, patas metálicas en auminio, forrada cuerotex sintético color café o negro. Dividida, cuenta con un diseño dividido que ofrece una resistencia mayor ya que en vez de poseer 4 patas tiene 8, aportando mayor solidez. Las patas tipo metálicas y su tapizado fino en cuero sintético le brindan ese aspecto Premium que tanto te gusta. Color Café o Negro.

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  • Margie - I was amazed. They look like new

    I thought I was going to have to have my kitchen cabinet doors below my sink repaired or replaced. I had nothing to lose so I tried this product. I was amazed. They look like new. In addition, I used this on my parquet wood floor where the sun had faded several of the areas and a rough rug wore part of the finish off. It colored the area perfectly. I also used it in both of my bathrooms where water had run down the front of the oak cabinets. They colored perfectly and I never had to sand or anything, Just rubbed it on all of these surfaces with no sanding. I am so pleased with this and I would highly recommend. Thank you.

  • Jim9292 - Worked great . . . for a few months

    I loved this at first, although it did always leak, despite my diligence in not overfilling, but I thought I could live with it. I made a ton of green smoothies and lots of baby food. The smoothies would reach a good consistency, but not perfect. Also, they required a lot of liquid. After a few months of regular, but by no means excessive use, this just stopped working. The pathetic warranty provided no protection. I consider myself to have flushed $100 down the toilet and wish I would've put that money towards a vitamix.

  • Glen G - (edit) 7+ years, still works as intended

    Pour in a couple cups of ice, water to the line, lay the bottle in it, and it spins the bottle while pumping ice water over it. Room temp to COLD in 9 minutes - does not damage the wine (constant & even spin, no shake), though there a "no-spin" option that takes a few minutes longer. Will do soda cans, beer bottles up to 1-liter wine. $50 - and that has gotten a lot of use when kid's mothers drop over for a Saturday afternoon playdate and hang out with my wife!

  • hate to say this - Tool for Aspiring Graphic arts students

    Let me explain I am by far no expert on software, and I patiently trying to master adobe illustrator, but meanwhile I am in college to teach art to teens. So I bought seemed an outstanding price, and now 2 fellow college students , who want to make comics, are trying it out for me. So far it seems to be a huge hit with these beginners. It can introduce story boarding, basic manipulation of the tools, how to market art and comic strips on the internet...and more.

  • Carol - My experience with the book

    Admittedly, I had my doubts with this purchase. It was a lot cheaper than Kaplan and Kaplan always seems so popular but in the end, I decided to go with it.

  • Joanna Jo - Don't be afraid to use it - it's gentle and it is doing a great job!

    I was so afraid to use it on my little baby - couldn't imagine using a vacuum cleaner to clean his little nose! If you have similar concerns - do not worry and buy this product. You will be surprised how gentle it is and how well it cleans the nose. When I was using Frida, my baby was crying so bad, with this he is calm most of the times. Sometimes you can see he doesn't like it but you have no impression that you're hurting your baby. Once he was really tired and almost fall asleep while I was using this nasal aspirator on him. I wish I decided to buy it sooner.

  • FilMeUp - J.K. Lasser's "Your Income Tax 2010"

    Consistently, over the years, the best of the income tax guides for individual taxpayers. Well documented with clear, complete and well-organized explanations of both simple and complex taxable transactions, along with summaries of court decisions on many of the more confusing aspects of tax law. I've been buying J.K. Lasser's annual editions for over 20 years, and have never been sorry.