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  • R. DeSisto - Breakthrough?

    This book is very dated. When published in 1998 there was very little known about DHEA. The author admits this. He admits that there is little experimental evidence to justify his conclusions. He may have a master's degree in biochemistry, but many of his conclusions are based on pseudoscience. In other words, my conclusions must be correct because men are basically animals and animals living in the wild act so and so. Blah, blah blah.

  • Ellie - Whitening teeth

    I love this product! It easy to use. It is a little messy with the gel, light and trying not to swallow during the process. But it's totally worth the time! It works that's exactly what you want to hear and it does! Try not the overuse bc your teeth can become sensitive. (Mind you, you are whitening your teeth so it's to be expected!) just use a directed and you will love the results.

  • Rhonda - Zantrex-3 Black Rapid Release 84 Soft gelsels

    This really is a great addition to the Zantrex family but be warned if you are Niacin sensitive, when t states take a Full glass of water with the two gel caps, take the full glass, otherwise you will feel the flush that you get as it absorbs, but it does not, REPEAT, does not give you jitters, loopy head or keep you up, and I am very sensitive to the slightest amount of stimulants, and I can take this and feel great all day and go to bed and sleep like a baby, unless my 2 yr old Granddaughter is spending the night, then she hogs the king size bed, but that is what NaNa's are for! ;)


    I love this glue and it's way better than the gorilla glue. I like that this glue bonds with anything and doesn't swell-up like the gorilla glue. The other thing also is that the cap NEVER gets clogged and can all be used.

  • Nunya Biznass - works

    this stuff leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean without the harshness of alcohol. it completely eliminates coffee breath, onion breath, even garlic breath! i purchased it because once every year or two, i get a tonsil stone; it makes me nervous about what is still hiding in my tonsils and how it might be affecting my breath. this product is supposed to keep them at bay. while i can really say this is true or not (since i get them so infrequently), it's given me more confidence that my mouth is super clean and i don't have to worry about getting close to people when i'm talking. the 2-pack on amazon is cheaper than one bottle in my local store, so while it's still a little pricey, it's not that bad when i consider how happy i am with the results. also, i don't use as much as they instruct on the bottle; i find that 1/2 that amount is enough for me. i like the new icy mint flavor too, much better than the original. i absolutely recommend this to anyone, even if you don't have tonsil or breath problems.

  • Larry C. - Good idea that jams a lot

    I feel this product is being beta tested on the public. They recommend a treat about one inch in diameter but the only one I've found is sourced in China and a popular consumer publication strongly recommends against pet treats sourced there. I've tried numerous brands recommend on blogs and FaceBook and all tend to work the first few times and then the device jams. You can also put only a very limited amount of treats in the device at a time. Also, one of the side seams split open when I pushed the lid down and after numerous back and forth emails with a manufactures rep where all I wanted to know was what kind of glue to use, I gave up and just used super glue. The rep, inexplicably, could not, would not tell me a recommended glue. They also say they are not allowed to recommend a treat brand that will work. So, I'm keeping it as an expensive room monitor and maybe I'll find a treat that works some day. A great idea that needs some work.