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  • Mark Twain - Expensive, too many tiny pieces to assemble and not very bright

    Ridiculously hard to put together, sat in a corner for a month as I mustered the gumption to tackle a 4 hour job.

  • C.F.S. - Great

    I recommend it to those who want to learn or who already know about excel program. It's very well done and organized and his English is very well spoken making easy to follow and understand.

  • Andrea Ortiz - This thing was so cool. I have a dark corner in my house ...

    This thing was so cool. I have a dark corner in my house right next to the couch that I have not been able to put a lamp due to my large dogs. They run around and often break things when they get too rowdy. I chose this light so it would only light up when i need to get back there to clean or if I've lost something. It's also kind of a security light so I can know when someone comes home late at night or if the dogs get up to pee or poo in the living room. It is so bright and sometimes when you first wake up, your eyes need time to adjust. Well, this light is so amazingly bright that there is no adjustment period. You might think that's a bad thing but it will seriously save your knees and pinky toes from being banged against the coffee table or couches.

  • Alison - I wouldn't be without it!!

    My high demand work means I need to maintain energy and never get sick. Definitely notice the big difference when I don't take it..tired by three and dogging. With Cellfood I can go all day never catch the annoying colds co workers get. It's my bullet proof secret..and it's all natural

  • LadyAnnie - The Ultimate Music Combo

    Love these guys. Love celtic and african beat - Great (albeit unusual - but it WORKS!) combination from some very talented musicians.

  • Zion - Very poor product, Has a funny smell and barely removes ...

    Very poor product , Has a funny smell and barely removes hair ! It thins the hair but doesnt remove it . I would say this product would be fiting for cauasian men or men with similar hair type , This product is not for men of african descent with coarse or rough hair !!!!

  • Eric - Good Product at a good price - Instructions could be a little clearer

    Good Product at a good price. As with other reviews, the issue is in the installation. As indicated with the instructions and other reviews, the front and back are different lengths. What is less clear is which side is right (passenger side) and which is left (driver's side). Underneath the bracket is a single screw, which exposed the part numbers. One side started with LH and the other RH. I would assume this means Left Half and Right Half. If you look at bracket closely, one side is more sloped that the other. The difference is subtle. One looks like about a 80% angle with the other is more like 70%. Based on the RH and LH markers, the more sloped side should face the rear of the car. The more perpendicular side faces forward. When I put the rack on in this manner, all of the screws lined up well.