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  • Nicole B. - Easy and fairly convenient.

    I don't have a heavy flow like I used to. Instead, I have a 23-25 day cycle. So, basically every 3.5 weeks, I'm bleeding for a week. I wanted to try the Luna cup, but I found these at the local Walgreens at figured I'd give it a try.

  • The Dancy Family - Great Product

    I love this water-flosser! I will admit it is my first one and I've been skeptical when it comes to products like this, but I was surely suprised and admittedly wrong. Water-flossers are an easy way to floss without having to worry about gum irritation and bleeding or if you're not doing it right. I This water-flosser has 3 modes, soft for brand new users (like me) who have never had one before, normal for once you get use to using it and how to position it for the optimal cleaning, and pulse for gum massaging (this setting packs a punch and hits harder than the others but doesn't do a continuous stream). I would recommend this to any and everyone looking for a great water-flosser but not trying to spend an insane amount for one. I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. The rating or review was not influenced by the discount, and are my personal opinions of the product. I am in no way affiliated with this company. Like you, I rely on other's reviews to make a purchase on amazon. I always try to be honest and give my actual opinion of a product for no one will waste their hard earn money on inferior products.

  • Brandon N. Wirtz - Really Small.

    This book is pocket size and large print. While it contains some decent phrases you could fit the entire contents of the book in to a single blog post.

  • Amazon Customer - Great AGAIN

    Mandy Roth always has the best characters and the stories that will bring others together throughout the lines. Immortal Ops is one of my favorite genres with the guys that have so much going on underneath and have to fight emotional and physical battles to have the love of their life involved. Love each one and look forward to the next one !!