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  • Deviser - Customer service is poor and almost impossible to reach (understandable

    The most surprising thing about this company and its products is that there is no viable competition (at least that I have found). Customer service is poor and almost impossible to reach (understandable, I guess, for packaged software).

  • RoRo - It works, but its not a miracle pill

    Ok so this product does work, if you exercise and follow a sensible diet plan. this isnt a pill you take to lose weight without changing your lifestlye at all. Im a 25 year old new mother, and am very overweight. I have been taking relacore now for about 3 weeks. I excerise at least three times a week, and have cut back on what I eat. I still eat things like tacos and pizza. I have always had a problem with my weight, I have super slow metabolism, but just after three weeks I have lost 12 pounds. Not bad especially for me. If you are looking for a quick fix that you dont have to work for, this isnt the diet pill for you, but if you are willing to work hard at losing weight, and just need something to help boost your energy and metabolism, this works great. and its not that expensive, however a 110 capsule bottle only last like 15 days if you take it like you are supposed to.

  • Karen RH55 - I finally found something that works on my super straight hair!

    Finally something that really works on baby-fine, straight as a ruler, color treated hair without looking stiff, or dull. I have spent a lot of money trying to get the hair with which I was born, to do something besides lay flat and lifeless. Sally Hershberger Supreme Lift Root spray gives me the control over my hair in a way that no other hair product has been able to do.

  • mommyjox2 - I will stick to crest

    I do not like this product and will not buy again. I like crest much better. My mouth doesn't feel as clean as it did with crest. My breath smelt good as soon as I used it but by the time I walked out of bathroom it was already gone. I do not have bad breath I bought this based off the reviews. Again I will stick to crest!!