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  • Foukography, le blog - Mumbai-based rapper @thisisenkore in the middle of his dream team, drummer @obzain (left) and Dj @sinista_official (right). Shot in December 2015 on a @vsdmag assignment in Mumbai, India.
  • Foukography, le blog - Back to France for the summer… We arrived on Bastille Day. The night was beautiful.
  • Foukography, le blog - New article published: "Mumbay Rock Scene" in VSD New article published: “Mumbay Rock Scene” in VSD Last wednesday...
  • Foukography, le blog - Lantern Festival (Photoset) Lantern Festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations and it’s also the last opportunity for everyone to finish off their stock of fireworks and end the...
  • Foukography, le blog - Saumin Suresh Patel (Photoset) Saumin Suresh Patel is an accomplished Mumbai-based artist, specialised in illustration and comics. I met him at the Mumbai Comic Con last december and I was immediately...
  •昭昭-leadsinger Foukography, le blog - Residence A (Backstage)Zhao Zhao (昭昭), leadsinger of Residence A (A公馆), thoughtful before getting onstage at Mao Livehouse. 2016.01.30, Bejing
  • Foukography, le blog - China at Paléo (photoset) It took me a while to finally post about this exhibition and it’s now about to end… This was basically the biggest project of the year 2015 for me. As some of you may know,...
  • Foukography, le blog - Emilie SimonFrench songstress, musician and composer Emilie Simon, backstage at Yugong Yishan, Beijing. This show was brought to you by the good folks at Splitworks. And here’s another picture from...
  • Foukography, le blog - Emilie SimonEmilie Simon, French princess of the indie-electronica scene, was in Beijing last month for the Jue Festival (and part of her worldwide tour to support her latest album “Mue”). I had the...
  • Foukography, le blog - Yao Lan (姚澜) Yao Lan (guitar player from Dongbei opera inspired rock band Second-Hand Rose) backstage at the dome, trying on the traditional belt of Tulegur, from inner-Mongolia. Paléo Festival, Nyon,...

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    This is a good product and I have purchased two units. One for my baby the other for my dog. They worked well, and I can check them at the same time via my iPhone.

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    I always "forget" or just don't want to take my normal multivitamins and biotin tablets everyday. However with these they are the first thing I in the morning. Though I'm not crazy about the taste of the Citrus flavored ones, the Strawberries taste great! So I always start with the citrus and end with the strawberry. My skin has never looked better, I suffer from acne all the time even now at 27. I wash my face twice a day and use everything that was prescribed to me but it still breaks out. I have been taking these for a few weeks, these being the only thing I have changed in my normal routine and I can't believe the difference in my skin. It is a lot smoother without the acne and just glows. I wont be taking these out of my everyday routine, these are a must for me!

  • Robert Lubsen - Five Stars

    Excellent messenger case. Everything I need fits. Especially odd shaped items. Durable, flexible, adjustable. Very nice and stylish.

  • Charlotte's Web of Everything - Keeps eye shadow in place all night

    Eyeshadow stays put when you use this, plus the colors are the same as in the palette. BUT only if you are using quality eye shadow. And if your buying this, Im pretty sure your splurging for Urban Decay or the likes of.......I work 12 hour shifts as a nurse, and it is a pleasant surprise to see my makeup looking fresh after my shift. I don't look fresh, but my eye shadow is!

  • Ericka - Not the best but not terrible either

    I've tried a couple of varieties of detox teas, which have been pretty good. I do not review detox teas on their claims of weight loss because my body is not going to shed weight solely from drinking tea, so if you're looking for whether or not this tea helped me lose weight, you're reading the wrong review.