Harrington Creative Counseling | Adjusting for Life - Have you ever said "I'll never get over this!" or "I'll never forgive them for this!"? We all suffer hurts, disappointments, losses that feel like they will be

  • Adjustment Issues | Harrington Creative Counseling - Here are some of our best resources all brought together and categorized to help you find what you need today. Help with¬†Anger Management   Help
  • Help Thinking Straight | Harrington Creative Counseling - Irrational thoughts. We all have them. We KNOW they aren't true when we actually stop to examine them. But they sure FEEL true in our gut. And they
  • Help with Anger Management | Harrington Creative Counseling - Unmanaged anger can wreak havoc both in your relationships and in your body. Follow this step-by-step guide to throw some ice water on that hot head of yours.
  • Help with Family Conflict | Harrington Creative Counseling - Family. It can be a source of joy and security; a safe nest from which we fly out to take on the world. Or, it can be a spring of constant strife; a stressful
  • Help with Stress | Harrington Creative Counseling - We all get stressed out from time to time. It's part of life. It's inevitable. So, how do we deal with it? Here are some resources that might help you
  • Helping Kids Cope | Harrington Creative Counseling - Children face all sorts of stressful situations. And that is a GOOD thing. Those difficult adjustments give us a chance to teach valuable coping skills that
  • Free Resources | Harrington Creative Counseling - What might help you Adjust for Life today? Stress Relief Signs of Stress: Learn to recognize the physical, behavioral, and emotional signs of stre Kids
  • About Harrington Creative Counseling | Harrington Creative Counseling - My journey toward my current life as owner of Harrington Creative Counseling was a long, twisty road. That's a good thing because it allows me to bring a broad
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  • Did you just call me GRANDMA?? | Harrington Creative Counseling - My life changed this week. Completely and irrevocably. My daughter had a baby girl and I became a GRANDMA! Boy is that word loaded or what? Just say it out loud
  • Refuting Irrational Beliefs: Just little ole ME?! | Harrington Creative Counseling - Today, we are focusing on our tendency look for someone - ANYONE - who can be our rescuer. This irrational thought generally sounds something like "If only I
  • Refuting Irrational Beliefs: Playing while the Ship goes Down | Harrington Creative Counseling - Today, we are focusing on our tendency to avoid/ignore unpleasant things in our life. Admit it. Sometimes you play ostrich and just stick your head in the sand
  • Refuting Irrational Beliefs: But it COULD happen! | Harrington Creative Counseling - Okay. Let's face it. The world can be a dangerous place. But do you know the difference between obsessive worry and productive planning? Read on to find out how
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  • Lulichka - I have a love hate relationship with these shoes

    I have a love hate relationship with these shoes. They are absolutely amazingly comfortable. The do run snug, so definitely buy a 1/2 size up. I do wish they were a tad better made. This is my third pair of the exact same shoes. Every time, eventually, the top of the shoe gets a hole from my big toe. The reinforcement part does not quite get over the toe, so its more for aesthetics. I try to find them when they are discounted, so overall its a good deal anyways.

  • Obie Warren - It works

    Good product - I could feel a difference in my energy and sense of well-being after only a couple of days. I will definitely continue to take it, hopefully it will aid in my weight loss efforts also.