démantèlement des centrales nucléaires - Les Verts du Pays de Morlaix ont initié la liste IDEES 2008 aux municipales à Morlaix. Ils soutiennent plusieurs listes ayant accepté les principes de leur Charte sur d'autres

  • CLI du 7juillet 2016 : De mal en pis - démantèlement des centrales nucléaires - Je cite les termes du communiqué de l'ASN : "L'ASN considère que les conditions de sureté pour la poursuite des activités de démantèlement partiel du site des Monts d'Armée
  • dernière nouvelles du démantèlement - démantèlement des centrales nucléaires - Rappel : La centrale de Brénnilis, construite en 1962, était un prototype industriel qui a produit 6,235 TW soit environ l’équivalent de 10 ans à pleine puissance. Connectée au
  • Le retour des habitants se prépare à Fukushima ? - démantèlement des centrales nucléaires - Ce titre dans les quotidiens ce matin (23 déc.) pourrait faire croire que les réacteurs étant maintenant « refroidis », le risque diminue pour les habitants de la région de
  • L'impact sanitaire du nucléaire intervient aussi dans la crise économique : environ 2 000 milliards d'Euros en Europe - démantèlement des centrales nucléaires - Conséquences de Tchernobyl par Alison Katz, Le Monde Diplomatique, décembre 2010.En dissimulant aux populations les conséquences sanitaires et écologiques de l’accident de

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    City: 2.3387 , France

  • B. A. Potter - Comfortable and good quality and good price.

    These shoes are great for people with wider feet. I usually take a 4E running shoe and these fit me like a glove. They were very comfortable from the moment I put them on. They appear to be well made and I really have to wonder why they're cheaper than running shoes! It's worth noting that the cleats are not recessed so these are not great for walking so toss in a pair of crocs if you feel the need to walk any more than a few steps. Overall, a good shoe at a good price.

  • Pat C. - I highly recommend this product to anyone considering a purchase

    This product works as advertised if used twice a day as directed. This is the second bottle of the NonyX Nail Gel I've bought; am mostly using for maintenance now. I highly recommend this product to anyone considering a purchase!

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    I lost 15 pounds in about six weeks on Almased. I did do the two weeks, three shakes a day method to enable a kick-start. Then I continued with two shakes and "a sensible dinner" after that. This is an excellent, high quality product which does, indeed, keep blood sugar levels even (I am not a diabetic, but I appreciate the stability Almased affords my levels). I've lost track of how much Almased I've bought, but it has been worth every penny. Good stuff!

  • SharpFocus Photo - Maybe Great, Maybe not,,

    This really good product and found it works down here in Florida with regards to Dried on caked on love-bugs. They will wipe right off with the little effort one uses to dust and leaves a great shine. Water beads off like the Rain X product and so the thin film of silicone seems to break the surface tension pretty well and aid in keeping the water off the painted surfaces so little to no spots). BUT

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    Finishing third bottle. Really works on hair and nails. Nails stopped peeling, ripping and are now enviable. I don't use any polish, just cuticle cream and glass file now. Hair stopped breaking and I have ton's of new growth.

  • Amazon Customer - Descent UPS time will tell.

    Arrived as expected. Package came in original shipping box from manufacturer not a box in a box. According to the instructions it's recommended that it be charged for at least 8 hours. Once that was done connected my devices. Powered up and fired up my system. All is well.

  • Blips - This set fixed my water heater and how to determine what is the ECO or Thermostat.

    My water heater board has a LED with a green light on it that would not lit up also gas and electric heat while switched on would not work. Just before it quit working I had to wiggle the thermal cut off to get it to work but that helped only twice, after that the light never came on again it the heater quit working. This kit me with instructions to replace the Thermostat and the ECO (Emergency Cut Off switch.) However it did not say which part was what. On the Thermostat and ECO is a temperature printed in Celsius the Thermostat is the one that says 60 C (That is 140 degrees Fahrenheit) is the thermostat and goes on the right side of the set. The other part is the ECO and it is printed with 82 C (about 180 degrees Fahrenheit) After I installed it and hooked up the cables gas and electric heat worked like before. I'm now a happy camper again.