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  • New Yorker - Horrible !!!!

    I have wavy, frizzy, coarse spanish type hair. I have always been v. wary of straightening products and all the chemicals but this is supposed to be more gentle and marketed to non African Americans. I used this product and was v.careful to not leave it on too long -- and I didnt do my whole head, because I was afraid that the time it would take to do that could affect my hair. So I was working super quick. Being nervous, I washed it out ahead of time and was veeerrry careful to wash and rinse well. Long story short, my hair was burnt off !!!! I mean big patches of my head had hair that was 1/2" long. Really, no exageration -- my hair was ruined. I complained to the company and they refunded me the price of the product. that's it. They tried to say it was my fault, that I didnt wash it out properly etc etc....

  • Charlie - Great but be carefull

    After using this product a few times my back began to feel better. However I started having a problem with one of my artificial hips. So my doctor told me I best not use it. This is after I had it for 31 days so I can't return it. It really helped my back and I'm sorry I have to quit using it. If you don't have replacement hips go for it!

  • poppy - kaspersky I had no problem receiving my order from amazon, it was sent just as promised.

    kaspersky--I had used this internet security in 2011& 2012, with no trouble. I tried for three weeks to put the 2013 on my computer and was taken round & round. I am now without protection + my money. I returned it to an address & explained the problem. I will never trust this security again.I,m not downing amazon, my problem was the kaspersky company. I wrote them thee letters stating the problem, sending the tape and my payment and all papers needed. They not once responded to either. i have the highest reguards for the amazon company,but I will never use kaspersky, they will not stand behind their products. I had opened the package--of course--so it was not amazon,s place to deal with the defective tape but they did and I know I will keep ordering from them.

  • Stefano 1951 - Don't be in a hurry to order

    I downloaded this software (Jan 10) hoping to complete my taxes and e-file early (as the IRS urges us to do). When everything was finished and I went to file, I got the message that the return cannopt be e-filed until a morecurrent version of Form 1040A (or even 1040) is made available. I went to the H&R Update Center online, looked under Forms, and discovered that 1040 and 1040A updates would not be available until January 24, two weeks from today. I called tech support to see who is causing this delay, the IRS or H&R. It is H&R. Very disappointed in H&R this year.

  • Zero - Alienware Steam Machine ASM100-6980 i7 version.

    This PC gaming console is really a different gaming machine meant to bridge the couch/living room experience with typical PC gaming. Dell could have had a hit on its hands with this machine in 2014 had Steam OS launched at that time; fast-forward to 2016 and Steam OS is still lacking full support of the Steam library. The physical machine is well powered with three variant, the version being reviewed here is the ASM100-6980BLK (Intel Core i7 4785T). The box is square with a corner triangle that is back with leds and an Alien head power button with led. The look is similar to the original Wii in size and shape.