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  • Thomas G. Burgess - My first sitar

    With no real background, other than I like sitar music, I ordered a Maharaja Electric Sitar. It arrived from India to Alabama in 4 days. It came with spare strings- I broke three learning to tune it. I found a Youtube video for the tuning. It came with a book and 4 misrab(s). I play guitar and bass, so changing the broken strings wasn't a big deal. The sitar is beautiful. It sounds really good- it has that authentic sitar twang... It is smaller than the pro model sitars I found on the internet. Having said that, It has all the strings , all the features, and sounds great. It cost under $300.00 and is the real deal. I don't know how good I will get, but this was a GREAT deal. I am completely happy with my instrument and definitely recommend it to anybody that is sitar-curious.

  • GColorado - Hmmm, why did I buy it?

    Well, thought this was going to be good and it turned out.. not. messy and it leaked upon arrival. Funny, saw it in the store and should have bought it there instead. oh well, used it up and will find something else.

  • Mary Cattapan - BANG!

    The product arrived on time and nicely packaged. Having not used anything like this before, it was a new experience. The product is easily applied and helps your lashes grow. I found it easy to apply and it seems to stay on very well. Generous amount in the tube. For those who love make-up it's a must have in your make-up drawer. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • Skeletor - I'm a pretty big fan of CyberPower products

    I'm a pretty big fan of CyberPower products. They are well made, include more functionality than pretty much anything else in it's class, and are really competitively priced. I have some of their pure sine wave products that work great and cost way less than competing brands.

  • Sandor - Works like a charm

    I upgraded to the vs-2012-pro from the vs-2008-pro, so I already knew I had to upgrade the firmware to get it worked with my foscam fi8905w cameras. I was not sure if it would have worked with my ptz camera (Agasio A622W), but it worked flawlessly and even added features based on the qnap built In software.

  • Blanca I. Rossiter - I don't think it has enough power for what I ...

    I don't think it has enough power for what I need. It is supposed to be a foot file and unfortunately doesn't have enough of what it needs to do the job.