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  • Daniel O'gara - healthy weight gain

    CB-1 has worked for me. I am gaining weight at a nice healthy rate, where I have not been able to before. I have more of an appetite and can put away more food and calories. Has worked awesome for me.

  • Cody Martin - smooth energy

    This fat burner is my fav of all time, and I have tried a lot of them! It is only 1 pill a day, which is great for me. The energy comes fast but it is very smooth, and the appetite suppressing is on point. I sometimes use this as a preworkout, it is that good! Absolutely ZERO crash as well. Highly recommend!

  • TwBear - I Link

    Is a good book, but because I were Asian English is very bad, in accordance read yet through an interpreter, the KINDLE translation provides only single-word translation so difficult to use, bookseller limit the number of copies, so I can not text translation, resulting in difficulties if KINDLE mention total full translation, I will buy more books.

  • Amar Sidhu - This ASVAB study guide for 2016-2017 is really good. The book is very detailed and easy to ...

    This ASVAB study guide for 2016-2017 is really good. The book is very detailed and easy to understand and covers all topics. It contains lots of pictures and explanations of every section. Practice tests are great.It gives readers step-by-step guide on their main focus, it helps them to find out their weaknesses and strengths. I am very happy with this product which I received free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  • LIVING IN NYC - Product rec'd from Amazon is 16 MONTHS OLDER than same product in Store.

    1/21/2014: A couple of days after receiving this in the mail from Amazon & BHNY, I was in Target and saw this product on the shelf. I happened to notice the Expiration date on the right side of the Target Product was August 2015. When I got back home I looked at the Expiration Date on the right side of the product I had just recd from Amazon & BHNY and it is 16 MONTHS OLDER than the product I just saw in Target. The expiration date on the Amazon/BHNY product is 4/2014 (just a couple months short of the expiration date) So the product I just recd was sitting around for 16 months before Amazon/BHNY sent it to me. The Amazon box also had a Purple "New" on it and the Target product no longer has "New" on their boxes because it is no longer considered a new product at this point. 16 months old and only 2 months away from expiration is a big deal for a COSMETIC product. Amazon & BHNY both you dropped the ball on this one!

  • Lorens - Great Album, Cole World!!

    Cole to heat up the Winter. Great Album!!! Production is definitely better in this album. Even though he has no feature in this album, he kills. The album not having any features make the album more personal and real because you can feel what Cole is trying to say and express. Don't like dropping this word, but this album can be a Classic, amazing job from Cole!!