Insurance for builders - Builders Insurance Brokers - With over 30 years ‘insurance for builders’ experience ‘The Builders Broker’ is the preferred insurance broker for construction and trades businesses.

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  • Financial Services Guide - Builders Insurance Brokers - The Builders Insurance Brokers' Financial Services Guide (FSG) sets out the services that we can offer you.
  • Payment Options - Builders Insurance Brokers - Payment options for premiums can be paid by credit card, cheque, EFT, in person or by instalments.
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  • Business Insurance - Builders Insurance Brokers - As a fully licensed general insurance broker we can deliver comprehensive insurance services for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.
  • Public Liability - Builders Insurance Brokers - Public Liability Insurance is a must for all businesses. Don’t risk your house and other personal assets by not having public liability insurance.
  • Builders,Trades & Owner Builders - Builders Insurance Brokers - The Builders Insurance brokers specialise in products and services for Licensed Builders, Tradesmen and Owner Builders.
  • Licensed Builders - Builders Insurance Brokers - The Builders Insurance Broker provides licenced builders with the insurance they need, including builders warranty and construction liability.
  • Brand New Vacant Home For Sale - Builders Insurance Brokers - The Builders Insurance Brokers have the facility to provide cover for Brand New Homes which are vacant and up for sale.
  • Builders Warranty Insurance - Builders Insurance Brokers - Builders Warranty insurance products can appear to be daunting and complicated, but not for the dedicated experienced professionals at The Builders Broker.
  • Contract Works and Liability - Builders Insurance Brokers - Contract Works policies (also known as Construction policies) cover damage to a building project during the course of construction.
  • Display Home Insurance - Builders Insurance Brokers - Display Home Insurance is needed when you buy a house from a builder that has a lease back option to allow the builder to lease the property back from the purchaser and use the property as a Display Home.
  • Sickness & Accident Insurance - Builders Insurance Brokers - Remember, Sickness & Accident cover protects you 24/7 and usually, anywhere in the world.
  • Tools of Trade Insurance - Builders Insurance Brokers - Our Builders/Trades Insurance policy provides cover so that if your tools of trade are lost, just the one or the whole lot, you’ll have them replaced immediately
  • Tradesman Liability - Builders Insurance Brokers - If you haven’t got tradesman liability insurance and something nasty happens on your watch, your financial future is on the line
  • Owner Builder Insurance - Builders Insurance Brokers - The Builders Insurance Brokers specialises in insurance services for owner builders.
  • Owner Builder Construction & Liability - Builders Insurance Brokers - Construction Insurance is also known as Contract Works Insurance. It is an important cover for people building, renovating or extending their home.
  • Owner Builder Warranty - Builders Insurance Brokers - Owner Builder Warranty is a compulsory insurance. The policy is for benefit of the purchaser and does not provide any cover to the owner builder.
  • Personal & Domestic Insurance - Builders Insurance Brokers - The Builders Insurance Broker provides clients with personal & domestic insurance

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    So glad I listened to the reviews here and ordered a size large. I'm 6'4 and tried on a size medium in my local outdoor equipment store. It just didn't look big enough and I was right. The large is perfect for what I need it for, which is to carry my 15' old MacBook Pro to campus, along with a lunch box, water bottle and papers/books.

  • East Coaster - Amazing - it works!

    I set up wifi in my home so I could have a wireless computer work station in another part of the house as well as download to my Kindle without borrowing wifi from a neighboring office at my workplace. As soon as the wifi was connected, I felt nauseous and my head started to pound. I turned it off and figured I would try again the next day. After three days of the same experience I decided to try this product. I was very skeptical but they had a money back guarantee and I really did not want to be without wifi forever. I plugged it into the router and switched to wifi. I expected to feel the pounding and nausea and was shocked to feel just fine. I went to sleep thinking I'd be sick in the morning, but I was not. Now I am getting one for the office.

  • Amazon Customer - As advertised. Great for space saving.

    If you have the samsung monitor and you want it to sit completely vertical you will need to as an spacer to the fixing screw. I am very happy with the final result but I reserve the last star.

  • V Pavlat - Okay intro level book, but quiz has multiple incorrect answers

    I'm currently studying on my own for the PTCB so no classes for me, just my pharmacists to answer questions for me when we have a moment to breathe during work.

  • Jorge L Rivera Ramos - The product will work if the leak is small, ...

    The product will work if the leak is small, it is nor magic oil, my advise is that for the price of it I would give it a shot.