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  • John E. - Great Reboot!

    This is my 3rd time doing the 48hour cleanse and I have to say that I am really amazed at the results. I use this to reboot my mind on my food habits an it really works for me!

  • walksndark - Not much for the money.

    Not much the money. You may want to either invest in a real Skylight from a Window manufacturer, or get one of the cheaper brands (ex "Velux" costs less than half the price). The materials seem laughably cheap, maybe $50 worth of parts (other than the "Dome" which is rock solid) - certainly feels a rip-off when they are trying to charge $350. Lots of flimsy plastic parts which look really tacky on the interior side, and the tubes are weak thin sheet metal (any thinner and it might be tinfoil). The only good thing about this brand, is the patented light collection dome - which "concentrates" the light. OK, but not something I am sure would buy again.

  • Christian Hunter - The most influential book of its kind.

    It's been some time since I read this (about 2 years ago), but I was at the order page (getting a couple of copies for employees) and curiously scrolled down expecting to see nothing but glowing reviews for what has been the most influential "biz book" I've ever read.