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  • Roger M. Nichols - And though she be but little, she is fierce.

    Who knew that this little, tiny, matchbox sized piece of electronics could be so handy. I have a Bose 3-2-1 that is not Bluetooth compatible. I wanted to stream music to a GOOD system, and not those OK, but not great, Bluetooth speakers. I didn't want to have to move all my music to a nearby computer, and hook it up to my Bose. Nor, did I want to buy another router or Apple Express to have a single function. SO, for $20, I have this tiny wonder attached to my Bose 3-2-1. Now, I stream music from websites, iPhones, iPads, and computers with impunity. Happy, happy.

  • B. Schloe - Good Book

    This book has a LOT of tax information in it, almost TOO much. I do tax returns on the side and use this as my reference guide instead of constantly looking things up on the internet. The explanations and examples are written so that anyone can understand taxes despite their experience.

  • Jessica Weissman - Saves me a few minutes a day looking for my keys

    I am very good at misplacing my keys, and often spend minutes in the morning looking for them and thus missing the early bus. I've attached this little jobbie to my keychain, installed the iPhone app, and have had good luck so far in finding the keys. What follows is based on brief experience. I will update if warranted.

  • KGordon - Perfect for my hair

    I love this shampoo and to find it in a big size for a cheap price is a steal! I have a lot of hair and usually I would feel like a dog b/c I would shed so much, but now that I've been using this shampoo it's barely even noticeable. It really makes a difference and I 100% recommend it. Also great for long hair too to keep it strong.

  • Peter WHITE - Not what you would expect

    Poor quality program. Relatively very little game time. Was more a documentary than coverage of the Stanley Cup.

  • Amazon Customer - Exceeds all expectations

    I have used the Shark Steam cleaner before. While I liked how well it seemed to clean it had to be pumped, and it left streaks on the floor. The Hann is much more versatile and works better than expected. Unlike the shark or ANY OTHER steam floor cleaner the HAAN will sanitize floors in one second. Other brands take fifteen seconds. That was the initial reason I went with the HAAN. We have dark hardwood floors that show every little scuff and fleck of dirt. With the HANN steamer I am able to quickly clean the floors. It leaves them feeling clean with absolutely no residue. It is very easy to refill. I am able to clean my floors for roughly twenty minutes before I need to add more water. I definitely recommend buying extra pads. You will need them. For the manufacturer I purchased brown pads that are thicker and pickup more dirt.

  • Stephen - not what they used to be

    this is not what a Ouija board used to be. This is just a cardboard and a cheap looking plastic widget that requires batteries but is somehow supposed to glow in the dark. It sort of glows. Have we gotten any answers from the "spirit" world? Nope LOL. But we had fun playing it. They just are not build like they used to be with a larger game board and a wooden widget. They just are not what they used to be.