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  • Rocket Jump Ninja | Zy - The first wireless I'd use for gaming -- FPS Veteran

    I've been playing Quake for over 17 years, so of course when they make claims that wireless can compete with wired mice, my first reaction is "yeah right". So I got it, and I tried really hard to test if there's a delay ... and I'm still not sure. That's how good it is. Very impressed.

  • M&M. - Super nice

    No doubt is hard to choose a case for a new phone since there is so many options available, this case is perfect just what I was looking for, great quality and looks great. Highly recommended :)

  • Beryllium - Meh, better to get from the grocery store where they are fresher and still have the zing to them.

    Many packages had already lost their potency and afforded no pain relief effect once applied. I have used this in the past and it should have an immediate tingly, soothing effect to the area applied. Many of these plasters did not seem to have any medication in them at all, as if the item had been exposed to air and the medicated elements had evaporated or something. Perhaps these were expired. They were not shipped in the packaging shown but the green inner packages had been repackaged into a clear plastic bag.

  • dperry - This product is amazing..

    This product is amazing...about a year ago I got an email about a free 30 day supply...I was were my wife and kids... I decided its not something i'll use every day as i'm almost 40 and fiancé and the kids and any one i'm around knows i'm very thin in the back.. but i'm getting married in a month and I would like the wedding pics to not include my balding...and so for $40 I got a FULL bottle..90 days.. for $39 dollars.. and again it works so good.. its truly amazing..

  • Honest Frizz - Solid & Sturdy

    I recently purchased a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude Edition that did not come with the functional side rails, as most Jeeps do. So, I needed to install side rails first before being able to install these crossbars. Once I had the side rails on, these crossbars were very easy to install. I read several reviews that commented on the necessity to loosen the screws almost all the way in order to make the installation easier, as well as the difficulty of fitting the rubber cap back into place. I had also received an email with an installation video from the company I purchased them from. So with all that knowledge, I knew what to expect, and I was able to install from start to finish in about 15 minutes. The crossbars are a very solid material and sit very securely on my roof. I have put some weight on them and they don't budge a millimeter! I definitely recommended these crossbars for anyone looking to have a more permanent set of bars on their Jeep. Do a little research, read some reviews, and it will make the installation a breeze!